Searchable online database launched to track and expose leftist Critical Race Theory advocates

A press release from the Great American Patriot Project is announcing the creation of a nationwide database that will be used to track, report, and expose advocates […]

San Fran DA facing second recall attempt as ‘fed up’ residents lash out at ‘no consequences’ policies

Far-left San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is facing a second recall effort as residents of the festering, crime-ridden city become increasingly “fed up” with his progressive […]

Taliban threatens to pistol-whip CNN producer one day after reporter calls death to US chants ‘friendly’

CNN correspondent Clarissa Ward has been a popular point-of-contact in Kabul recently, broadcasting live throughout the recent days since the Taliban terrorist regime swiftly conquered the capital […]

Rotating photos eviscerate Biden on hacked North Carolina billboard

A billboard was allegedly hacked in Wilmington, North Carolina, that ran memes mocking President Biden for his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and handing the country to the […]

Tennessee Sen. Hagerty stumps for ‘coherent plan’ in Afghanistan after Biden’s bungled withdrawal

Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty clipped the Biden administration on Tuesday after White House officials indicated that American citizens still trapped in Afghanistan would not be prioritized […]

The stench of regret! Rasmussen poll finds most wouldn’t vote to reelect Biden

With the full scope of the debacle in Afghanistan still unfolding, a new poll from Rasmussen Reports suggests that buyer’s remorse has set in for at least […]

Hey, Pelosi, time for a commission on ‘insurrection’ in Kabul, what went wrong in Afghanistan?

Calls are rising for Congress to form a special commission to examine two decades’ worth of U.S. policy in Afghanistan after the southwest Asian nation fell so […]

Professor calls America a failed experiment: ‘Only for white people … didn’t work for black people’

An education professor at an elite Philadelphia-area, women’s liberal arts college claims — without evidence — that the U.S. is an experiment that has gone wrong and […]

No! Biden requests $3.3 billion more in taxpayer funds for fallen Afghanistan

The Biden administration has stunningly asked for $3.6 billion more for reconstruction efforts in Afghanistan even after the country has fallen to the Taliban and Americans have […]

Heart-wrenching video of Afghan women begging US troops for help: ‘The Taliban is coming for me’

“The Taliban is coming for me.” That was the anguished cry from an Afghan woman, desperately pleading with U.S. troops to save her from a horrible fate […]

Woman on coffee date gets note from stranger telling her to ‘run’

One Virginia woman out on a coffee date with a man over the weekend describes some unsolicited advice from the peanut gallery when her date got up […]

Trump rips into Pfizer over COVID booster shots: ‘I saw the dollar signs in their eyes’

Former President Trump lashed out at COVID vaccine maker Pfizer over booster shots on Fox Business Wednesday and the potentially obscene profiteering they will engage in, stating, […]

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