Heart-wrenching video of Afghan women begging US troops for help: ‘The Taliban is coming for me’

“The Taliban is coming for me.”

That was the anguished cry from an Afghan woman, desperately pleading with U.S. troops to save her from a horrible fate at the hands of the Taliban who now govern all life in Afghanistan.

The heart-wrenching video immediately went viral. In it, a woman clings to a fence at the Kabul airport, hopelessly begging soldiers who are separated from the crowd but only feet away, to rescue them. It is impossible to watch without a sinking feeling in the gut, knowing what is understood of the Taliban, who are blood-soaked troglodytes from a medieval hell that rule only with fear, subjugation, rape and murder.

The woman in the video painfully knows what awaits her if the U.S. and its allies cannot provide deliverance: Forced marriage and sexual abuse for the women, and probable death for the men.

The Biden administration appears to be blissfully ignorant, or rather diabolically dismissive of the conditions on the ground in Kabul and elsewhere in the ravaged nation. Conditions, many say, they have themselves fostered and now refuse to answer for.

Innumerable people have taken to social media upon witnessing the humanity unfolding at the collapse of Afghanistan; the stomach-turning video in particular:

Earlier this week, the U.N. Security Council, stupidly and without an ounce of awareness, called on the Taliban to respect women:

Then the summary addition from the grossly-unlearned U.S. State Department:

One wonders if the U.N. and the Biden regime have any words for the women who have been abandoned and likely to suffer a fate worse than death.

Arguments will rage on, and we are in no doubt living in disconcerting times both here and abroad, but there is a small ray of hope in the saga unfolding in Kabul. One Afghan interpreter and his family are safe with the Marines and headed for a better life. Any step above enslavement or death is probably very welcome and cause for joy.

Opinions notwithstanding, one has to hope at the very base level that those suffering and trying desperately to escape Kabul can be helped, and that they will be granted relief from the inevitable predations of the Taliban.

Frank Webster


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