Retired Colonel Doug MacGregor: ‘Toxic’ military leaders have been lying to the ranks, public

Retired Army Col. Doug MacGregor says toxic senior military leaders bear a large portion of the blame for the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of terrorists. […]

America’s ‘bewildered’ international allies go off on Biden’s Afghan disaster and it’s NOT good

International allies are joining domestic critics of President Joe Biden over the manner in which he pulled the United States of Afghanistan following horrific images of people […]

Shocking report reveals how Taliban may have gotten their hands on so many US weapons

Several Taliban leaders pictured Monday inside the vacated presidential palace in Kabul were carrying U.S. military rifles, leading some on social media to question how they came […]

Ex-teammate dishes on how Megan Rapinoe would ‘almost bully’ players to take a knee

Odd how it always seems to work out that the most outspoken on the left often end up being authoritarian jerks — nowhere is this more apparent […]

Retired General Jack Keane on U.S.-Afghan alliance: Biden ‘not telling the whole story’

Fox News analyst Gen. Jack Keane (Ret.) ripped President Joe Biden for throwing U.S. allies in Afghanistan under the proverbial bus. Biden , he says, is not […]

Parental movement for teachers to wear body cams like cops in anti-CRT push gains traction

A parental movement has begun in Springfield, Mo., to push for teachers to become outfitted with bodycams after police officers have successfully worn them for the past […]

Hopeless tears of Afghan girl who fears abuse by Taliban: ‘No one cares about us’

As the Taliban brutally took control of Afghanistan in a matter of days, a video surfaced reportedly showing a “hopeless Afghan girl” crying in fear over what […]

Black Ohio police Lt. sued over claims she seeded ‘us versus them’ work environment against white cops

Ten white and black police officers have brought a federal lawsuit against a black Columbus, Ohio police lieutenant that accuses her of blatant “discrimination” through the creation […]

Pentagon refuses to answer question on Taliban obtaining US weaponry, equipment

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF The Department of Defense evaded a question about whether it is acting to prevent the Taliban from obtaining U.S. weapons in Afghanistan. A top […]

Pelosi floats GOP ‘clowns’ Jordan and Banks could end up as part of Jan 6 probe

Never mind the fall of Kabul to terrorist insurrection, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wants you to remember the January 6th insurrection. On Monday, the House speaker quadrupled down […]

Obamas reportedly turn off Instagram comments as followers plead for help while Taliban seizes control

Former President Obama’s Instagram comments were briefly turned off on Monday morning as his account was flooded with followers pleading with him to do something about the […]

Taliban employs familiar talking point as it seizes Afghan civilians’ firearms

As history has proven over and over, tyranny begins with stripping the population of the means of defending itself, and the Taliban are doing just that now […]