Michelle Malkin: Endless wars equals endless refugees

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. It’s time to end the madness. However you feel about President Joe Biden’s handling of the […]

The left wastes no time marching out next desperate narrative: Comparing Jan 6 to the Taliban

In an effort to deflect from Biden’s catastrophic failures as President, the left is lining up a new narrative outrageously claiming that the Jan. 6 riot was […]

American-made refueling tankers part of strategy to project strength

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Now more than ever, thanks to the projection of weakness in Afghanistan, the United States needs […]

Lindsey Graham’s tough talk on ‘bulls**t’ Afghanistan debacle fails to impress

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) sure likes to talk a big game, and he enjoys some good air time as much as any Tinseltown buffoon. Does it mean […]

Mom says RUDE Southwest flight attendant suggested she ‘glue’ mask on to face of crying toddler

A mother from Virginia beach took to social media claiming that a flight attendant with Southwest airlines told her to “glue” a mask to her crying, agitated […]

Departing Border Patrol chief says terror suspects crossing into U.S. ‘at a level we’ve never seen before’

The numbers of suspected or unknown terrorists crossing illegally into the United States from Mexico have become unprecedented in the months since Joe Biden took over as […]

Afghan town’s first female mayor says Taliban ‘will come for people like me and kill me’

Zarifa Ghafari is one of the first-ever female mayors of an Afghan city, appointed in 2018 as mayor of Maidan Shahr, the capital city of the Wardak […]

Mark Steyn warns of the left’s ‘power calculation’ and western civilization ‘sliding off a cliff’

Bestselling Canadian author Mark Steyn sat down with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson on the newest episode of Fox Nation’s “Tucker Carlson Today,” to discuss the worldview of […]

Chuck Todd concedes Biden has forfeited one of his key advantages over Trump

NBC anchor Chuck Todd was uncharacteristically critical of President Biden on Tuesday and stated that he has lost his “high marks” in “competency” in comparison to former […]

Inc. Magazine ranks Olympic Media No. 13 on exclusive annual Inc. 5000 list

ARLINGTON, Virginia, August 17th Olympic Media is excited to announce that Inc. Magazine has ranked them No. 13 on its annual Inc. 5000. The exclusive annual list […]

Maskless man gets in nasty shoutout with woman on NY subway: ‘I respect freedom!’

A maskless man on a New York subway was called out by an elderly woman for not wearing a mask and got in her face for it, […]

‘We got trouble!’ Female zookeeper saved when two men jump in to rescue her from hungry alligator

Some people have to learn the hard way about respecting things that can do them harm, not realizing or accepting that in the blink of an eye […]

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