Retired Colonel Doug MacGregor: ‘Toxic’ military leaders have been lying to the ranks, public

Retired Army Col. Doug MacGregor says toxic senior military leaders bear a large portion of the blame for the fall of Afghanistan into the hands of terrorists.

On his Monday night show, Fox News host Tucker Carlson asked the colonel “What did our government just do that we should not have done?”

“I think there are three things we have to take into consideration. First, of course, is there was never an exit strategy; no glide path out of Afghanistan. When I was in the Pentagon, the only thing I could find out was there was an intention to stay indefinitely. For some of the reasons you outlined in your opening remarks, lots of people were benefiting. Not the American people and certainly not our soldiers and Marines, but there was no glide path out of the place.

Secondly, these toxic senior military leaders. Toxic because they simply don’t tell the truth and for 20 years they’ve been lying, frankly, to the American people to soldiers and Marines doing the fighting telling them things were getting better, that we were making progress when the truth was we weren’t.”

The colonel went on to say that the soldiers and Marines should bear no blame because they unequivocally fought well, but that ‘the generals have done a terrible job.”

The chaos on the ground is unmistakable, coming through in hi-def to every TV, phone and computer in the free world (at least and until mainstream media and the Left – but that’s redundant – label it misinformation.)

Col. MacGregor said of the unfolding travesty in Afghanistan, “[It’s] awful. I can’t think of anything worse.”

His third point was what has now become a long-suffering contention among many that the U.S. should have never stayed past neutralizing the immediate threat of terrorism; that there was never a reason to make war with the Taliban because they didn’t have a hand in the 9/11 attacks; and that Al Qaeda escaped through the incompetence of Tommy Franks, but that they had at least been pushed from Afghanistan. At that time, the colonel argued, the U.S. should have left.

He continued, “So what do we have now?”

“We don’t have democracy, we haven’t defeated terrorism per se; we have probably created some new ones. We have the largest narco state in the world, that is now falling into the hands of new criminals and new terrorists.”

Carlson followed up:

“All of that is depressing to hear and I think verifiably true, but I want to go to the very first point that you made, that after 20 years, there was no specific plan to leave. How could that be?”

Col. MacGregor related, “Well, when we first went into Iraq, there was an argument between [Donald] Rumsfeld and some others in his office and finally Paul Wolfowitz interjected and said ‘look, we just want to get the army into Iraq.’ I think there were a lot of people that decided they just wanted to get the military into these places and that somehow or another, we would muddle through, that things would improve.”

“What you are seeing now on television, this mass chaos and dissolution is the end of the illusions that began long ago in the aftermath of desert storm. Well, we have employed it [the Army] and the Marine Corps all over the Middle East and what have we created? Chaos. What have we established that’s in the interest of the American people? Nothing”

Carlson concluded, “They’re reckless children. You’ve confirmed it again.”

Frank Webster


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