WSJ editorial board rips Dems, media for protecting Fauci in midst of ‘gain of function’ research lies

The editorial board of The Wall Street Journal took Democrats and the left-leaning media to task over their refusal to address “gain of function” research of the […]

Homan: Biden admin releasing COVID-positive migrants is ‘incompetence at highest level’

While the Biden administration keeps the pressure on more Americans to get the coronavirus vaccine as a rise in infections is attributed to the Delta variant, the […]

Costa Rican gymnast’s Olympic routine pays homage to Black Lives Matter — she didn’t make it to finals

When a Black Lives Matter protest occurs and no one knows what it is, does it still make a sound? Well, in the case of a Costa […]

Delusional! Claire McCaskill says skyrocketing inflation ‘could cost Republicans the midterms’

Former Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill attacked former President Trump, calling him an “idiot” while laughably claiming that Republicans are creating inflation which could cost them the 2022 […]

Suspect shares video of traffic stop, claims cops ‘planted evidence’– dashcam exposes lie

A police department in Wisconsin is firing back after a cell phone video posted to social media accused one of its officers of planting evidence during a […]

Gowdy hammers ‘hypocrite’ Squad member Bush for defunding police while spending $70k for private security

“Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy epically shredded ‘Squad’ member Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) for crusading to defund the police, leaving Americans unprotected and vulnerable while […]

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein brands Trump as ‘an American war criminal’

Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein appeared on CNN’s Brian Stelter’s show “Reliable Sources” Sunday and shockingly accused former President Donald Trump of being delusional and “an American war […]

Conservative publisher Brave Books launches with anti-trans children’s book ‘Elephants are Not Birds’

Brave Books, a new publisher that focuses on conservative authors, is distributing a children’s title pushing back on normalizing transgenderism to American kids. The book, “Elephants Are […]

MSNBC’s Joy Reid makes a toast to bully who harassed Tucker Carlson in front of his daughter

Over the weekend, an overweight, unkempt left-wing extremist confronted Tucker Carlson, harassing him in front of his daughter while the vacationing Fox News host was shopping at […]

Dallas Dems send care packages with Dr Pepper and salsa to coward Texas lawmakers who fled to D.C.

Democrats have long championed the welfare state, so is it any surprise that they are requesting handouts for the Texas delegation that fled to D.C. to stall […]

ACLU is pounded over claim racism is linked to 2nd Amendment

The acceptance of the left’s racial injustice narrative is so widespread in America that the purveyors of this highly corrosive ideology are more or less free to […]

Fox’s rivals in a frenzy to blame network for vaccine-hesitancy; Howard Kurtz sets record straight

Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz clapped back against left-leaning media outlets that have blamed his network for hesitancy among millions of Americans to take a COVID-19 […]

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