Sen. Rick Scott: ‘Dear Woke Corporate America, a massive backlash is coming. You will rue the day when it hits you.’

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. U.S. Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) seems to be warning authoritarian corporate virtue-signalers that payback for them […]

Val Demings explodes on Jim Jordan over support for police in hearing: ‘Did I strike a nerve!?’

Florida Democratic Rep. Val Demings blew up at Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on COVID-19 hate crimes after he attempted to interject […]

‘Woke’ business, sports world pass on being silent, relish over ‘justice’ being served with Chauvin verdict

Following the guilty verdict of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd, business leaders, politicians, and sports teams rushed to take a […]

‘He’s straight-up ignorant’: Harris Faulkner destroys Cuomo over when ‘white kids are killed’ remarks

“Outnumbered” co-host Harris Faulkner leveled CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday over comments he made on his show late last week in which he claimed that widespread police […]

Raiders, NFL team, causes brutal firestorm with post-verdict George Floyd tweet: ‘Take this down!’

There seems to be a race underway between corporate America and professional sports to see who can be portrayed as the most ‘woke’ to the left’s contrived, […]

Tomi Lahren faces online mob after being dragged as racist over verdict response

Get the latest BPR news delivered free to your inbox daily. SIGN UP HERE CHECK OUT for best SWAG! Fox News conservative commentator Tomi Lahren triggered an online […]

Michelle Malkin: Astroturfing COVID agitprop – unplug your kids!

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Attention, parents: If your children are online, they are being bombarded by an inescapable public relations […]

Head of NYC school allegedly recorded saying curriculum demonizes white people claims he was ‘misquoted’

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF The head of a Manhattan private school allegedly admitted privately that the school was demonizing white children, according to recordings of a conversation […]

The Derek Chauvin trial is an ill omen for America

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Derek Chauvin has been found guilty on all counts by a jury — two counts of […]

Candace Owens outraged at Democrats, media for ‘mob justice’ in Derek Chauvin trial

Working in coordination with “nefarious” Democrats, the ideologically biased media that “martyred George Floyd” made it impossible for ex-Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin to get a fair trial, […]

Police lieutenant fired after being outed by media for donating $25 to Kyle Rittenhouse

The Norfolk, Va., Police Department has fired a lieutenant after he was doxxed by a British news outlet for donating $25 to a defense fund set up […]

Chauvin called a ‘serial murderer’ on CNN, baffled hosts scramble to clarify

CNN Newsroom hosts scrambled to save their segment on Tuesday after a guest called former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin a “serial murderer.” “We talk a lot. […]