Biden redefines what ‘bipartisan’ means

Despite promises of bridging the bipartisan divide, the Biden administration appears to be redefining exactly what “bipartisan” means and it evidently doesn’t include getting the support of […]

Will Smith moves new film ‘Emancipation’ out of Georgia because of ‘strict voter laws.’ Irony awaits.

Actor Will Smith joined the ‘woke’ left’s attacks on Georgia’s voter ID law by announcing he would be pulling production of his upcoming film out of the […]

What was she thinking? Kamala’s ‘brighter days’ photo sends all the wrong signals

The Biden administration relies heavily on symbolism and virtue signaling, which works out well for Vice President Kamala Harris, who would otherwise find herself approaching her role […]

‘Enough with the petty tyrants!’ Fed-up Rand Paul drops the hammer on fun-sucking Fauci, again

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), a medical doctor with a specialty in ophthalmology, seems pretty fed up with the continually goal-post-moving director of the National Institute of […]

Ted Cruz: ‘Americans will die’ because Biden is sending $250 mil in taxpayer funds to Palestinians

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz slammed the Biden administration for policies that provide “rewards for terrorists and their families” after a decision to send millions of dollars to […]

Fair Questions: Scott Walker lays out plan to bring conservatism back to college campuses

Former Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is set to launch a new program as head of the Young America’s Foundation that is designed to bring more conservatism to […]

Biden White House puts its police oversight commission on hold

In what might be a big disappointment to at least some social justice advocates, the Biden administration has announced it will not go forward with a national […]

Biden set to order American companies to disclose ‘climate change’ risks

President Joe Biden is set to issue an executive order that would require American companies to reveal any risks to them ostensibly posed by “climate change.” The […]

Pompeo: ‘It’s just tragic’ to see Biden admin ‘flip switch’ and reverse Trump policies

Former secretary of state and Fox News contributor Mike Pompeo appeared on “Fox & Friends” Monday and tore into the Biden administration over reversing former President Trump’s […]

Sen. Kennedy: Biden ‘infrastructure’ bill has ‘more red flags than the Chinese embassy’

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy lambasted President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion-plus infrastructure and jobs bill on Monday, saying it contains “more red flags than the Chinese embassy” […]

Levin unloads: Joe Biden ‘doesn’t have a principled bone in his body … a chameleon … doesn’t give a damn about this country’

It’s unlikely that President Joe Biden will be inviting Mark Levin to a Memorial Day cookout after the Fox News Channel host and legal scholar blasted the […]

’60 Minutes’ ends show with embarrassing final gasp to fix ‘deceptive’ DeSantis hit PR

Just as they do most weeks, “60 Minutes” ended Sunday’s program with a viewer mail segment. Hosted by correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi, the segment focused on her recent […]

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