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Cartoon of the day: In case you missed these:

Jason Chaffetz to Speaker Pelosi: When will you answer these 13 security questions?

In the aftermath of the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol and Trump impeachment 2.0, Republicans in and out of Congress are turning up the heat […]

UN Women’s group scrambling after Valentine’s photo shows a black woman alone, hugging herself

When traversing the left’s minefield of inclusivity, you never know who you may offend, and the odds are very good that at some point, someone will be […]

‘Woke’ pledge required to join progressive US Navy task force to combat discrimination

The U.S. Navy launched a special task force in June 2020 “to address the issues of racism, sexism and other destructive biases and their impact on naval […]

Comedian, fmr. ‘SNL’ star calls school closures ‘child abuse … bought and paid for with your tax dollars’

Throughout its long history, “Saturday Night Live” tilted left, but still often found liberal politics funny and worth skewering. Not today. The current cast is all-woke, anti-Trump, pro-Democrat […]

GOP demands answers from Pelosi on National Guard’s extended D.C. deployment: ‘Just tell me why!’

U.S. House Republicans apparently are getting the runaround when seeking an explanation from Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about why thousands of National Guard troops may reportedly […]

Driver slapped with fine, not for speeding, but for flipping off police camera with a double bird

A driver in the United Kingdom flipped-off a police van armed with a speed camera while driving under the speed limit, and for his exuberant gesture he […]

Trust in newspapers dives into the toilet bowl

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. We’ve seen the horror stories. Over the last 10-15 years, a national mass exodus of fed-up […]

ABC lambasted over Claudia Conway’s ‘American Idol’ appearance: ‘Worst exploitation of a minor’

ABC was criticized by Variety writer Daniel D’Addario for featuring Claudia Conway, daughter of George and Kellyanne Conway, as a contestant for “American Idol,” accusing the network […]

Don Jr. to embark on next move to reach Trump’s base: ‘These are my friends. These are my people’

Donald Trump Jr., eldest son of former President Donald Trump, is billing himself as a trustworthy voice on the right in the post-Trump presidency era, insisting that […]

Klobuchar claims Trump ‘is done’ in politics, Graham says he’s the future of the GOP. Only one can be right.

Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar predicted on Sunday that former President Donald Trump “is done” in Republican politics following his second impeachment acquittal, a position at odds with […]

Kamala Harris contradicts Dr. Fauci

Chuck Ross, DCNF Vice President Kamala Harris said in an interview that aired Sunday that the Biden administration had to start “from scratch” in its vaccination plans, […]

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