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GOP demands answers from Pelosi on National Guard’s extended D.C. deployment: ‘Just tell me why!’

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U.S. House Republicans apparently are getting the runaround when seeking an explanation from Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about why thousands of National Guard troops may reportedly remain stationed in Washington, D.C., all the way until the fall, rather than just through mid-March.

First-term Congresswoman Lisa McClain (R-Mich.) says she’s getting more information from the media than from House leadership because Pelosi has provided zero details on the extended deployment. Plus, the San Francisco liberal has yet to schedule a briefing for lawmakers on the situation.

“Just tell me why,” Rep. McClain implored. “We have received zero information…It sure does seem like it’s a lot of symbolism over substance, doesn’t it?”

The lawmaker may be implying that Democrats still want to exploit the January 6 riot for political purposes, which is reminiscent of their mantra of never letting a crisis (or a perceived crisis) go to waste.


(Source: Fox News)

In an appearance on “Fox & Friends” on the Fox News Channel, McClain told co-host Pete Hegseth that “It’s amazing to me that [Pelosi] can could this without any disclosure, without any information, and just continue to spend money with no briefing. Doesn’t make sense to me.”

“Think about it this way,” she continued. “We have more servicemen and women protecting the Capitol than we do in Iraq and Afghanistan combined — to the tune of already $500 million. And that number for the taxpayers is only gonna grow if we keep them there.”

McClain, who sits on the Armed Services Committee, described D.C. as “an absolute ghost town,” adding that “I feel completely safe; there is no one there.”

Reacting to the possibility that Michigan’s liberal governor might send 1,000 more troops to D.C., the common-sense politician asserted, “I would rather put those National Guard men and women to help my constituents in my state help with the distribution of the COVID relief vaccination. That, I know, is a credible threat. This threat over here — I have no idea because we can’t get a briefing on it.”

In late January, a group of House Republicans, led by Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., requested a briefing from the Defense Department regarding threat assessments and relevant intelligence regarding the U.S. Capitol Complex because of the ongoing National Guard presence.

Parenthetically, Democrats opposed deploying National Guard troops during the riots that swept the country in summer 2020. From Biden on down, they also aggressively disfavor Trump’s border wall, yet are okay with barbed-wire fencing around the Capitol.

The attack at the Capitol was a horrible and universally condemned event. Intellectually honest, left-wing journalist Michael Tracey regularly uses his Twitter platform to call out the post-riot gaslighting.

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