UN Women’s group scrambling after Valentine’s photo shows a black woman alone, hugging herself

When traversing the left’s minefield of inclusivity, you never know who you may offend, and the odds are very good that at some point, someone will be offended about something.

This being a lesson the United Nations learned this week after trying to stretch the realm of diversity to include everyone in a Valentine’s Day message.

“Love is equality. Love is respect. Love is love. Happy Valentines Day to everyone celebrating love today!” read a message from UN Women, along with an image that quickly proved to be problematic — the group is described as a United Nations entity “for gender equality & women’s empowerment” in the Twitter account’s profile.

The image included two mixed race women holding hands, as well as two mixed race men. A mixed race heterosexual couple is hugging and a lone black woman embraces herself — presumably signifying self love.

The image drew intense criticism, as seen above. Some suggested that the intended message was that black women are not capable of being loved — none of the mixed-race couples included featured a black woman.

The tweet above described the image as “disgraceful”  and observed, “even the black man was embracing a white woman.”

To show how woke they are, and to likely head off any more criticism, UN Women responded to the controversy by deleting the tweet.

“We posted an illustration on Valentine’s Day, depicting love in all its diversity,” the tweet read. “We listened to what you said in the comments & decided to take it down. UN Women works for gender equality & empowerment of all women & girls regardless of age, race, ethnicity or sexual orientation.”

The overall response to the controversy captures just how difficult it is to please all when you choose to drill down to what makes people different from one another, as opposed to what unites people.

It also captured just how hypersensitive people have become in today’s post-Obama world.

Here’s a small sampling of the responses to the story from Twitter:

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Tom Tillison


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