Melania Trump unveils White House Christmas theme, decorations

First Lady Melania Trump to Americans on a sneak peek into the White House and its glorious 2020 Christmas decorations. Unveiling this year’s theme of “America the […]

Trump accused of leveling election fraud claims in cities because they are mostly black

Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson said Sunday that President Donald Trump’s claims of vote fraud in large Democrat-run cities like Philaphia and Detroit are really just […]

San Jose mayor, police chief beg county to change ‘sanctuary city’ policy after stabbing spree, murders

The mayor and police chief of San Jose, Calif., are pressing to have Santa Clara County’s “sanctuary city” policy revised after an illegal alien deported several times […]

Vaccination papers before boarding? Digital COVID-19 ‘passport’ in the works for airline travelers

The travel industry is reportedly working on a way to track whether passengers have tested negative or beenvaccinated against the coronavirus. Would-be air travelers may soon have […]

Fox News host Will Cain: Americans will hold on to ‘individual spirit,’ buck ‘sensible’ guidelines

Fox & Friends co-host Will Cain challenged currently prevailing wisdom this morning but perhaps reflected what some ordinary Americans might be thinking by declaring that he has […]

Dr. Birx: If you defiantly traveled for Thanksgiving, assume you’re infected with COVID-19

Dr. Deborah Birx warned Americans whotraveled and joined larger gatherings for Thanksgiving that they should assume they have been infected with COVID-19. TheWhite House coronavirus task force […]

Poll watcher witness says feds showed up at door, made her feel like a criminal after fraud testimony

Editor’s note: After this article was published,Leah Hoopes would correct herself to say the agents who came to her door where not from the federal government. Amid […]

Trump calls on ‘hapless’ Georgia Gov. Kemp to use emergency powers to ‘overrule his obstinate sec of state’

If nothing else, President Donald Trump deserves credit for being a fighter, this being perhaps his greatest appeal to supporters — while at the same time the […]

Biden’s White House communications team filled with women from liberal news networks

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is raising eyebrows with his picks for his White House communications team, as many are coming from left-wing news networks like CNN […]

‘Nonprofits’ bribed tribal-area voters with gift cards, electronics, and other prizes; CNN flaunts

After the media rush earlier this month to declare Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election, CNN political analyst Van Jones gave a shout-out to Native […]

‘Better late than never’: FBI finally checking fraud claims, requesting data about illegal ballots

The FBI may finally be loing into voter-fraud claims and radio host Mark Levin says it’s “better late than never.” The conservative author and television host reacted […]

Trump blasts fired elections security director and ’60 Minutes’ for ‘ridiculous, one-sided’ interview

The former Department of Homeland Security elections security chief fired by President Donald Trump after claiming this year’s elections were the most secure in U.S. history, claimed […]

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