Poll watcher witness says feds showed up at door, made her feel like a criminal after fraud testimony

Editor’s note: After this article was published, Leah Hoopes would correct herself to say the agents who came to her door where not from the federal government.

Amid all the inquiries into where Attorney General Bill Barr has been in the face of voter fraud allegations, there has been a sighting of federal agents — the question is, what were they investigating?

Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher on Election Day in the state of Pennsylvania, dropped what’s being reported as a “bombshell,” which is that special agents from the Justice Department paid her a visit at home after she testified before the Senate last week.


Hoopes testified that massive voter fraud may have taken place in Delaware County, Pa., and she appeared on Steve Bannon’s podcast “War Room: Pandemic” on Monday to talk about “special agents from the Attorney General’s office showing up at my front door just for speaking the truth.”

The poll watcher explained that a fellow poll watcher and friend gave her a heads up that the agents had just left his house and were on their way to see her.

“The whole story just didn’t make any sense,” she continued. “They came completely unannounced and they were, from what they said, investigating voter fraud. I didn’t know if I was being investigated as a criminal or if they were genuinely interested in my affidavit and what I saw.”

***After this article was posted, Hoopes clarified in the tweet below that the agents were from the State Attorney General’s office, not the feds.

Appearing on Newsmax TV last week, Hoopes said on Election Day, the counting room was a “complete mess” from the start and poll watchers were cordoned off and could see little.

“They let us see what they wanted us to see,” Hoopes said.


She spoke about a backroom, where pre-canvassing was happening, saying no one was allowed to go back there, adding that there were no observers, no line of sight, and no transparency into the counting process.

Hoopes also pointed out that the counting center had multiple points of entry where ballots could be brought in and taken out from, to include elevators and other rooms workers had access to.

As for allegations of fraud, Hoopes said it only takes a few people to make a difference.

She shared a photo taken with Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani, and said testifying “was liberating and also very concerning. The truth will prevail.”

For good measure — and perhaps half-jokingly — Hoopes shared a tweet on Tuesday “just in case.”

“Just putting it out there I am not depressed,” she tweeted. “I have never even had a parking ticket, I pay my taxes and follow the law, just in case anything should happen! God has my back always. Fight for the truth!”

Tom Tillison


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