Virginia lawmakers want to make it legal for unmarried people to have sex in their state

When taking in context with a new measure, it makes a little more sense why Virginia Democrats want to take guns away from people — they want […]

kim kardashian praises trump criminal justice
Kim Kardashian praises Trump’s criminal-justice reforms: ‘It’s amazing’

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian praised President Trump’s campaign to reform criminal-justice laws, saying she’s “happy” with the tremendous strides he has made to help deserving Americans. […]

Biden abruptly cancels New Hampshire appearance, makes announcement about moving on

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is leaving New Hampshire behind. The former vice president made a surprise decision to tuck tail and run ahead of the results […]

Pam Anderson’s ‘old fool’ ex says he paid her debts, bought her ‘new wardrobe’ before she dumped him in 12 days

Ah, to have the troubles of the rich and famous, such as trying to save face when a whirlwind marriage goes bust in under two weeks. Amid […]

A Ruth Bader Ginsburg opinion helped Trump beat the Democrats’ emoluments lawsuit

Kevin Daley, DCNF President Donald Trump had an unlikely ally in his fight against an anti-corruption lawsuit from congressional Democrats — Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. […]

Poor Juan Williams struggles to defend Dem mess, compares it to that time Jeb shook up GOP race

Fox News co-host Juan Williams came to the defense of the Democratic Party following the caucus debacle in Iowa last week. In what seemed a bit of […]

Judge indefinitely postpones Michael Flynn’s sentencing

President Trump’s former national security adviser Michael Flynn will not be sentenced yet on charges of lying to the FBI in the Russia investigation. A federal judge indefinitely […]

Little-known mammal, pangolin, suspected coronavirus link to humans

With the death toll in mainland China from coronavirus surpassing 1,000 people, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson did a segment focusing on all the speculation about the deadly […]

Chris Cuomo sugarcoats direct Warren hit: How will you convince voters you are authentic, like Bernie?

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is adamant that voters should choose her over her 2020 Democratic rivals because she will “deliver results” and is the best candidate to beat President […]

President Trump flips script, tweets ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ MAGA hat clip with pride

It must drive liberals mad that President Donald Trump proves to be so unflappable and indefatigable in the face of relentless attacks by both the political class […]

Jewish Democrat dragged out of Rashila Tlaib event for questioning her ‘blood libel’ antisemitism

Former Democratic New York Assemblyman Dov Hikind was kicked out of a Rashida Tlaib event at Rutgers University when he tried to question her “blood libel” against Jews and […]

2015 audio of Bloomberg touting ‘stop and frisk’ is about to rock his world

Michael Bloomberg’s 2020 presidential campaign took a hit as a recording surfaced from a 2015 speech defending New York City’s controversial stop-and-frisk policy. The billionaire Democrat and former three-term […]

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