Bloomberg brutally reminded of his own ‘policy against plagiarism’ after damning accusations emerge

Michael Bloomberg may own his own news agency but his presidential campaign reportedly had to amend some policy proposals after allegations that they were plagiarized. A new […]

President Trump caps banner week touting major wins, and a biting jab for ‘Nervous Nancy’

Just when you think the week couldn’t get any better for President Donald Trump, the job numbers came out Friday showing 225,000 jobs added. The January’s jobs […]

Video of Harvey Weinstein heaping praise on Bloomberg while cracking sex jokes surfaces

Chuck Ross, DCNF Michael Bloomberg, as New York City mayor, honored Harvey Weinstein at a 2013 ceremony where the now-disgraced movie producer cracked sex jes and praised […]

Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight model shows Bernie highly favored to win Democrat nomination

Of all the Democrats still in the 2020 race, Sen. Bernie Sanders stands the highest chance of actually winning the nomination. As of Friday morning, his chances […]

Matt Gaetz: Mitt Romney no different than a Democrat, McConnell should boot him from GOP caucus

Rep. Matt Gaetz unloaded on “Republican” Sen. Mitt Romney and the consequences he should face after siding with Democrats in the impeachment vote against President Donald Trump. […]

Tucker raises big red flag over little-known, wildly ‘radical’ immigration bill crafted by House Dems

Fox News host Tucker Carlson pulled the curtain back to expose a new bill pending in Congress that would protect criminals from being deported, and so much […]

House Dems pass bill allowing illegal immigrants to sue employers for damages, could nullify right-to-work laws

Despite what has become an almost full-time effort to take out President Trump, the Democratic Party still finds time to advocate on behalf of illegal immigrants, putting […]

Christopher Steele is not happy that Trump slammed the ‘fake dossier’

Chuck Ross, DCNF Christopher Steele’s intelligence firm responded to President Trump’s on Thursday about the “fake dossier.” Orbis Business Intelligence, Steele’s London-based company, said that Trump […]

Joe Walsh bitterly calls quits on GOP campaign against Trump, trashes GOP after humiliating experience in IA

Yet another “Republican” has shown his hatred for President Trump is stronger than any he may have for America, as former congressman Joe Walsh announced he […]

wolf blitzer mazie hirono acquitted
Wolf Blitzer rebukes Mazie Hirono for falsely claiming Trump ‘wasn’t acquitted’ in impeachment trial

Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono was rebuked by CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on live TV when she falsely claimed that President Trump “wasn’t acquitted” at the Senate impeachment trial. […]

Gowdy defends Trump’s ‘strong words’ against FBI bad actors: ‘You can understand where it’s coming from’

Trey Gowdy defended President Trump’s harsh words aboutformer FBI Director James Comey and others, feeling he is justified in his anger. The former South Carolina Republican congressman […]

Firestorm over report WH is preparing to ‘remove’ Lt. Col. Vindman from Nat. Security Council

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman may be on his way out from hisNational Security Council post. The key witness for Democrats in the House impeachment hearings last year […]

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