Bold new pork ads take on plant-based meat substitutes, nail truth in advertising

While it won’t be confused with pork-barrel politics, an ad campaign by the National Pork Producers Council could certainly be called truth in advertising. The NPPC launched a […]

Rep. Lee Zeldin rips Schiff for 180-degree turn on Bolton testimony, says ‘mess he created’ is ‘on him’

Rep. Lee Zeldin is calling out Democrats on the obvious motives behind their sudden interest in hearing from former national security adviser John Bolton. The New York Republican […]

Record-shattering numbers of GOP women are running for office under Trump: ‘Our voices are not being heard’

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF  The number of Republican women running for office is surging under President Donald Trump. Two hundred women have filed for 2020 House races, […]

MSNBC panel has collective meltdown over Alan Dershowitz impeachment defense

An MSNBC panel covering the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump repeatedly attacked constitutional law expert Alan Dershowitz. MSNBC host Chris Hayes and others gathered for the network’s special […]

Adam Schiff appears to agree with President Trump on John Bolton’s motives

Turns out, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, the Democrats’ lead impeachment manager, agrees with President Trump about former national security adviser John Bolton’s motives. During an […]

Rep Steve King in hot water with mom of ‘success kid’ featured in meme

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, is still paying the price for having the audacity to defend Western Civilization in post-Obama America, with the cancel culture on the left […]

John Kelly says he believes John Bolton

Chuck Ross, DCNF  Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly gave a weighty endorsement Monday to former National Security Adviser John Bolton, who reportedly reveals damning […]

Ted Cruz not playing disgruntled reporter’s ‘nasty Washington game’

Sen. Ted Cruz called out a reporter for playing “that nasty Washington game” after asking an inane question about the lawmaker’s young children going to jail. The […]

Rand Paul ‘shocked’ at Chuck Schumer’s ‘scurrilous’ comments against Trump kids: ‘They ought to sue him’

Sen. Rand Paul was “shocked and offended” by remarks made by Sen. Chuck Schumer and suggested President Donald Trump should sue the New York Democrat for defamation. The Kentucky […]

Ivanka lets CNN panel have it for ‘disgusting’ segment mocking Trump supporters, triggers never-Trump elites

Ivanka Trump unloaded on a CNN panel for the “disgusting” mockery of supporters of her father, President Donald Trump. The White House adviser took to Twitter to express […]

Lindsey Graham ‘totally supports’ proposal to allow senators to view Bolton manuscript

Chuck Ross, DCNF Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham on Tuesday threw his support behind a proposal from Sen. James Lankford that would allow senators to view […]

Fox News takes heat for continually breaking away from key Trump defense arguments to do things like talk to Dem Barbara Boxer

Granted, the public’s interest in the Senate impeachment trial of President Donald Trump is lacking, to say the least, this being a likely indication that the issue […]