Gun store owner changes ‘Black Friday’ to ‘White Friday’ and problems pour in

A Canadian gun store owner who generated some backlash for advertising a “White Friday” sale changed his sign but insisted he was not a racist. The owner […]

Dana Perino has advice for ‘kingmaker’ Obama; battles Tucker about Michelle

Former President Barack Obama fancies himself some sort of mentor over the current field of 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, but Dana Perino isn’t convinced that he should […]

Dana: ‘Don’t do this when y’all go home to see your kin over Thanksgiving’ – Brother and sister arrested over who rides shotgun

A squabble between two adults siblings over who would sit in the front passenger seat of a car led to the two being arrested by Pennsylvania police. […]

Iranians around the globe show solidarity for citizens suffering under homeland’s brutal regime

Iranians around the globe gathered for demonstrations meant to show support for their compatriots suffering in Iran. The Sunday demonstrations were held in places like Los Angeles, […]

CNN’s Nicolle Wallace awkwardly declares out loud ‘women should be the deciders of everything’

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace gave a shout out to women who are reportedly polling in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump. The host of “Deadline: White House” spoke […]

Pete Buttigieg contacts journo who called him a ‘lying MF’ for comments on black Americans

Pete Buttigieg called “The Root” writer Michael Harriot after the author blasted him as a “lying MF” in a recent op-ed that focused on some ill-advised comments […]

Sean Hannity urges Bill O’Reilly to come back to Fox News: ‘Take the number one spot’

The top-rated Fox News host, Sean Hannity, wants the former top-rated host, Bill O’Reilly, to return to the network and reclaim his top spot. Hannity interviewed O’Reilly, […]

Trump breaks the internet, again! Tweets his head on another body, sends tongues a waggin’

One would think that following the New York Times’ spectacular fail on the “image of Trump awarding Conan a medal” investigation, the internet would take it easy […]

Expelled Florida student charged with soliciting ISIS to attack college faculty in revenge kill

A former Florida college student is accused of trying to get ISIS to launch a revenge attack against the deans of two local schools that suspended or […]

Here’s your yearly Girl Scouts reminder not to force your kids to hug family members

The progressives at The Girl Scouts would like to remind you this holiday season that forcing your daughter to hug relatives might have “unexpected emotional consequences.” Around […]

Gun control: Australia vs Mexico

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Each time the issue of gun control circulates through the news cycle, liberal demands of stricter […]

DOJ launches criminal probes of six top drug companies for alleged role in opioid crisis
Prosecutors treat 6 drug companies like dealers in sweeping opioid crackdown

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn launched a sweeping criminal investigation into at least six major pharmaceutical companies for their alleged roles in promoting the alarming opioid epidemic […]