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Dana: ‘Don’t do this when y’all go home to see your kin over Thanksgiving’ – Brother and sister arrested over who rides shotgun

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A squabble between two adults siblings over who would sit in the front passenger seat of a car led to the two being arrested by Pennsylvania police.

According to police, Bret Brezenski, 27, was picking up his 20-year-old sister, Brianna, from work in the city of Olyphant when his sister and girlfriend got into an argument over who should sit in the front of the vehicle with him.

The Daily Mail

Bret and Brianna Brezenski are now facing charges of simple assault and resisting arrest.

Workers setting up the borough’s Christmas tree witnessed the incident and contacted police.

“They called me and said: ‘There’s a girl, they’re keeping hostage in the car and she’s yelling for help,'” Olyphant Police Chief James Devoe told WNEP.

“They had the girl’s head out the window. She was hanging out of the car,” he added.

When police showed up, Bret sped off and led a half-mile chase with police.

Devoe said many were put in danger based on the way Bret was driving.

“Traffic was packed, they were driving like animals. stuff you could have flipped a coin over, and now we have people who could have gotten killed,” he said.

When Bret finally stopped in the neighboring city of Blakely, he became combative with police when he was being arrested.

“I got him calmed down for a second and told him: ‘Get up against the car,’ but as soon as he saw me put my weapon down, he attacked me again, so I picked him up and threw him into the grass,” Devoe said.

Check out Devoe’s statement about the incident and arrest — along with images of the altercation — to the press below:

It was as he was arresting Bret that Brianna jumped in and attacked him. Though both suspects have refused to publicly comment on the incident, the girlfriend is being referred to as a victim and she has reportedly gotten restraining orders against the siblings and other members of the family.

“Don’t do this when y’all go home to see your kin over Thanksgiving,” conservative commentator Dana Loesch tweeted in reaction to the bizarre story.

Other reactions on social media were similarly good-natured and humorous, with some even wondering what the official rank structure is when it comes to family and the girlfriend.


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