Two years of interviewing Trump family from inside, author says it’s nothing like what you think

Author Doug Wead penned a Fox News editorial dishing on what he learned in two years of interviewing the Trump family. Wead, author of “Inside the Trump […]

‘Don’t go there!’ Kellyanne Conway more than a match for Fox’s Chris Wallace’s accusations

Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor to President Donald Trump, appeared on “Fox News Sunday” to defend her boss amid the media’s impeachment frenzy and she had […]

Thanks to Trump, US hasn’t admitted a single refugee in over a month, for first time in 18 years!

Thanks to President Donald Trump’s tough policies, October of 2019 marked the first month in 18 years since the United States last accepted ZERO REFUGEES into the […]

Democrat Senate aide, accomplice in ‘largest data theft in Senate history,’ sentenced only to probation

Luke Rosiak, DCNF. Federal Judge Thomas F. Hogan sentenced a former Democratic Senate aide to probation Monday for her role in what prosecutors called the “largest data […]

Biden tops Trump by 12 points in new FOX NEWS poll; accused of oversampling Dems, AGAIN!

Whoops, they did it again … Fox News has again trotted out a poll that los bad for President Donald Trump.But just like last time, the poll’s […]

Ballot harvesting turning elections in some states into a joke

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Ballot harvesting is a common practice in some states where volunteers or workers collect absentee or […]

Whistleblower is willing to give written answers to House Republicans

Chuck Ross, DCNF. The intelligence community whistleblower who filed a complaint against President Donald Trump is willing to answer questions from Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee […]

Pelosi meets rapper 50 Cent to discuss diverse programming in entertainment, because… priorities

With the Democratic Party tearing at the fabric of American society with its partisan impeachment inquisition, where the lower chamber of the legislative branch of the U.S. […]

Trump Jr. calls BS on reports his dad was greeted with boos: ‘I was there … it was an awesome response’

According to the partisan left-wing media, when President Donald Trump stepped intoMadison Square Garden in New York City for an Ultimate Fighting Championship event late Saturday evening, […]

‘Watters’ World’ guest blurts out ‘Epstein didn’t kill himself’ after PSA about military dogs

In what made for a bizarre, albeit funny moment, a Fox News guest discussing the valor of military dogs suddenly and without warning blurted out that Jeffrey […]

Deflated Don Lemon warns the Resistance: ‘This president may be stronger than you think’

If what’s being said at CNN is any indicator, Democrats could be in big control going into the 2020 presidential election. Within the span of 24 hours, […]
Donald Trump Jr’s new book exposes liberal tricks, like how Instagram, Twitter are ‘shadow banning’ him

Donald Trump Jr. says that and Instagram are shadow banning him. The NY Post reported that in his new bo due out on Tuesday, Don Jr. […]

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