Big win for Scott Israel, greenlighted to be reinstated as Broward sheriff

Suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is hoping to soon get his job back. And while the Florida Senate still has to make the final decision on […]

Papadopoulos to fmr Italian PM threatening to sue over Trump-interference claims: ‘Good luck!’

Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi has threatened a lawsuit against ex-Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos over Papadopoulos’ allegation that Renzi attempted to undermine Trump’s 2016 presidential […]

Warren being called liar, disproved her own claims she lost teaching job for being ‘visibly pregnant’

Elizabeth Warren is facing accusations that she lied over the reason she lost an early teaching job. While the Massachusetts senator is claiming to have lost the […]

Voters reveal they want Congress to focus on needs of Americans, not impeachment inquiry

Congressional Democrats may be laser-focused on impeaching President Donald Trump, but many U.S. voters have issues they consider to be far pressing. Fox News correspondent Todd […]

Top whisky maker launches first-ever ‘glassless cocktails,’ capsules that look like Tide pods

A revolutionary new way to enjoy a cocktail is getting ed reactions as manyScotch whisky fans are just confused by the “alcoholic Tide pods.” The Glenlivet, one […]

Teacher tells students Confederate flag is ‘white trash save the date card’ for marrying your sister

A Georgia teacher was placed on administrative leave this week for sharing a racist, ahistorical lesson about the Confederate flag with her students atHephzibah High School. “Melissa […]

Trump lays into Sharpton, Van Jones for being two-faced at WH Black Leadership Summit

President Trump called out CNN’s Van Jones during a black leadership summit for not thanking him for his achievements in criminal justice reform. Speaking to an audience […]

Ocasio-Cortez explains at town hall why American taxpayers should pay welfare for illegal immigrants

Radical socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez explained to a crowd of supporters this week why every taxpaying American citizen should support allowing their money to be used to […]

Conflicting reports of AG Barr soliciting British help in Russia meddling probe surface

Attorney General William Barr reportedly met with British Home SecretaryPriti Patel over the summer and discussed the investigation of the Russia probe. Barr, who is overseeing the […]

Rock climber holds competition to test border wall prototypes

A professional rock climber based out of Kentucky is out to prove President Donald Trump wrong over something that the evidence suggests the president never even said. […]

Trump calls Romney a ‘pompous a**’: ‘If Mitt worked this hard on Obama … but he choked!’

President Donald Trump targeted Mitt Romney in a Saturday firestorm where he called the Utah senator and failed presidential candidate a “pompous a**” who “ched” when […]

AOC inexplicably accuses Trump of being mad at Adam Schiff because he’s Jewish

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez believes Donald Trump’s recent calls for Adam Schiff to resign from office stem from antisemitism. “Understand that Trump is engaged in iberate, atrocious, targeted antisemitism […]

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