Trump admin bars visa applicants if they are a ‘burden to United States healthcare system’

The Trump administration has made another definitive move on immigration that is sure to ruffle the feathers of leftists who want a completely lawless system. The White […]

De Niro accuser comes back swinging after actor blows off suit as absurd, despite audio

Robert De Niro dismissed a lawsuit by his former assistant as “beyond absurd,” but the woman’s lawyer doubled down on the allegations of harassment and gender discrimination. Attorney Alexandra […]

Hannity: Whistleblower case turns into another ‘spectacular fail,’ falls apart for Dems, media

Fox News host Sean Hannity appears confident that, much like the Russian collusion delusion conspiracy theory, the whistleblower non-scandal is now officially another “spectacular political fail.” “Democrats’, […]
Judge gives 21-yr-old 10-day jail sentence after oversleeping for jury duty; he handles it like a man

For one 21-year-old, his snooze button got him a full 10 days of extra rest and relaxation in the slammer when he failed to show up for […]

Rudy Giuliani: ‘My mission is to disrupt the world’ by exposing Dems’ ‘massive corruption’

Former federal prosecutor Rudy Giuliani says his mission as President Trump’s attorney is not only to defend his client against sham left-wing attacks but to “disrupt the world” […]

Subpoena-palooza: House Dems target WH Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney in Mexican stand-off

Mick Mulvaney has become the first White House official to be subpoenaed by top-level congressional Democrats in their ongoing push to impeach President Donald Trump. “Pursuant to […]

Elizabeth Warren fires senior campaign staffer for ‘inappropriate behavior’

Elizabeth Warren fired her campaign’s national organizing director on Friday after “multiple complaints regarding inappropriate behavior.” A third-party investigation of the complaints against Rich McDaniel substantiated the […]

Supreme Court will decide whether encouraging illegal immigration falls under free speech

Kevin Daley, DCNF  The Supreme Court will decide whether a federal law that makes it a crime to “encourage or induce” someone to enter the country illegally […]

‘Stay tuned, much more to come on Schiff’: Nervous Dems could boot lying chairman

President Donald Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani predicted Friday that Democrat Party leaders may try to oust House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Adam Schiff from the committee over […]

Trump posts video featuring ‘LYIN’ SHIFTY SCHIFF’ and clips from Disney’s ‘Pinocchio’

President Trump took a taunting jab at Rep. Adam Schiff with a video featuring clips from the Disney movie “Pinocchio.” The president mocked the California Democrat, who […]

donald trump adam schiff whistleblower felony
Dem ‘Whistleblower’ may have committed felony by not disclosing contacts with Adam Schiff

The Democrat whistleblower that Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are propping up in their hollow impeachment attacks on President Trump could be subject to felony false statement charges […]

‘Quid Pro Joe?’ Biden blows when reporter asks about his son’s job in Ukraine

When a reporter asked Joe Biden if his son’s questionable position with a company in Ukraine while the former vice president was in office was a conflict […]