Fellow actors call on Debra Messing, Hollywood libs to ‘retract their blacklist threats immediately’

Randy Quaid unloaded on his fellow Hollywood actors over their calls for a “blacklist” of President Donald Trump’s donors. The Academy Award-nominated actor slammed the “naive” stars, Eric […]

Devastating footage starts coming in from Bahamas’ unprecedented destruction

Hurricane Dorian is the strongest storm to ever threaten Florida’s East Coast as it slowly moves away from the Bahamas. Now a Category 4 hurricane, the storm continues to […]

Abbott says Odessa gunman failed background check. Criminals don’t follow gun rules.

Gov. Greg Abbott called for keeping weapons “out of criminals’ hands” as he noted the Odessa shooter had failed a background check. The Texas governor tweeted his […]

American tennis player fined massive $10k for ‘gun gesture’

Mike Bryan — one of America’s best doubles tennis players in the history of the sport — found himself on the business end of political correctness when […]

‘Ellen’ producer dares to start a respectful gun exchange with Dana Loesch

By now, the pattern is clear: Following a mass shooting in the United States, blue-checked Twitter accounts renew their calls for gun control and cries about something […]

Chinese media falsely claim white man arrested in Hong Kong is a CIA agent

The Hong Kong police arrested a white, American-looking man who was riding the subway home over the weekend, and footage of the incident quickly went viral. This […]

Brit Hume criticizes peace talks with Taliban: ‘This is called losing’

On Sunday, Fox News analyst Britt Hume disparaged the administration’s Afghanistan peace talks with the Taliban, claiming that if the U.S. pulled troops out from what has […]

‘Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!’ Man recalls FaceTiming daughter hiding from Odessa shooter

In clip played by MSNBC, a father tearfully recalled FaceTiming with his daughter while she was hiding just 90 feet away from the Odessa shooter, a man […]

Tlaib blames Palestinian honor killing on ‘toxic masculinity’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., is so steeped in progressive dogma that she opted to exploit what is being perceived as a honor killing to denounce “toxic masculinity.” […]

Trump team’s Brad Parscale hits back after attack on his wife: ‘You’re visible now, you scumbag’

The manager for Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign is lashing out at CNN over unflattering reports about his wife. “[CNN] are liars trying to write a dirty story […]

Ted Cruz helps Alyssa Milano learn all about 2nd amendment-Bible connection

There is nothing more exciting than watching an intelligent, well-informed person completely dismantle the argument of someone who is not debating in good faith. Texas Senator Ted […]

Eric Swalwell’s glib comment about Odessa shooter is beyond the pale

California representative and failed presidential candidate Eric Swalwell took a disgusting jab at “good guys with guns” as grieving families dealt with the tragedy of seven people being […]