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Fellow actors call on Debra Messing, Hollywood libs to ‘retract their blacklist threats immediately’

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Randy Quaid unloaded on his fellow Hollywood actors over their calls for a “blacklist” of President Donald Trump’s donors.

The Academy Award-nominated actor slammed the “naive” stars, Eric McCormack, Melissa Gilbert and Debra Messing, in a tweet denouncing their attempts to shame Trump donors.

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Quaid, star of films like “Independence Day” and “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” remarked in a Sunday tweet that he is “being trolled with negative, decade old Fake News stories” since he denounced the blacklisting efforts of the actors in previous tweets.

The 68-year-old had already called out “Will & Grace” star Eric McCormack, an actor who recently tweeted a call for the naming of Trump donors attending a fundraiser in Beverly Hills next month in an attempt to blacklist them from working in Hollywood.

Gilbert, of “Little House on the Prairie” fame, lashed out at Quaid in response, prompting the actor to call her out as well.

Messing, McCormack’s co-star on “Will & Grace,” had also demanded a list of attendees to the fundraiser, claiming the “public has a right to know.”

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Messing came under fire from President Trump directly after her demands and following her praise of an Alabama church that displayed a sign reading: “a black vote for Trump is mental illness.”

Quaid called the blacklisting attempts a “hit job” in a series of tweets condemning the violation of First Amendment rights and citing his own experiences.

The actor then issued his own demand.

“Justified” actor and outspoken conservative Nick Searcy offered Quaid a hearty note of appreciation.

He also slammed her elitism and “hypocrisy.”

Actor John O’Hurley, who starred in the NBC sitcom “Seinfeld,” simply said he was “embarrassed” for Messing.

He pointed out that liberals “form packs” and “groups” and dominate Hollywood because “they have the bully pulpit right now to say it out loud,” speaking with Fox News anchor Leland Vittert on “America’s Newsroom” Monday.

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“Well, let me just say that I’m embarrassed for both of them,” O’Hurley said, referring to Messing and McCormack. “And I’ll say this because I know them both and I’ve worked with Debra before. They are both smart people. They do wonderful work, but they’re pushing the case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy as though the Hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking.

Actor Adam Baldwin joined the pile-up on the liberal actors.

The Superman actor Dean Cain, who starred in “Lois and Clark,” also had a clear message for Messing on the Trump fundraiser.

Quaid has posted many videos narrating the president’s tweets in a dramatic voice with strange lighting.

But he is consistent about his views and found a collective standing ovation on Twitter for his scathing attack on Hollywood liberals.

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