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‘Ellen’ producer dares to start a respectful gun exchange with Dana Loesch

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By now, the pattern is clear: Following a mass shooting in the United States, blue-checked Twitter accounts renew their calls for gun control and cries about something being done to mitigate the violence.

“Ellen” producer Andy Lassner was no different when he posted a tweet about the need to “start talking” about ways to address the recent spate of mass murders.

“Here’s the truth,” he wrote. “I don’t have the answer to the gun problem. The mass shootings. I don’t want to take guns away from law abiding citizens. Many people in my life own guns. But, we have a serious problem and we MUST start talking about gun violence solutions in a bipartisan way.”

Taking him up on his offer for a discussion was former NRA spokesperson and nationally-syndicated radio show host Dana Loesch, who is a prominent supporter of the Second Amendment.

She made some common-sense suggestions that would and should please both sides of the gun-control debate, saying, “We have to penalize agencies that do not submit all prohibited cases to NCIC (Charleston, Sutherland Springs). They’re not following the law. Also need to stop coddling dangers offenders in their youth by preventing establishment of criminal record (Dayton, Parkland).”

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Apparently it did to Lassner.

But Vox “journalist” Aaron Rupar decided to butt into what was otherwise a shockingly respectful conversation, given how high political tensions have been running lately. And instead of offering his own solutions, Rupar merely sought to shut down any and all discourse with Loesch by declaring her a persona non-grata for having worked with the National Rifle Association.

Twitter was quick to respond to Rupar’s interruption of actual, constructive discourse — and it wasn’t pleasant for the lefty writer.


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