Tlaib blames Palestinian honor killing on ‘toxic masculinity’

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Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., is so steeped in progressive dogma that she opted to exploit what is being perceived as a honor killing to denounce “toxic masculinity.”

The “toxic masculinity” narrative is serving here as a convenient cover for a tenet of radical Islam that many in the Middle East adhere to — honor killings are not exclusive to the Muslim community, as Sikhs and Hindus are know to engage in the practice, but the overwhelming majority of honor killings happen in Muslim families.

Taking to Twitter following the suspicious death last week of Israa Gharib, a young Palestinian woman in the West Bank, Tlaib blamed the death on sexism and male violence, ignoring persistent allegations that the 21-year-old’s death was an honor killing by members of her own family.

“Isra’s death illustrates an ever-present toxic masculinity and control over women’s bodies and lives,” the radical Democrat lawmaker tweeted.

Israa was allegedly beaten and tortured by her brother, Ihab, a Canadian resident, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The attack reportedly took place in their family home in Bethlehem after she posted a video on social media with a man she was planning to marry.

Gharib was engaged to her fiancé with the permission of her parents, according to the Post, and supporters insist she followed “social protocol,” wearing a hijab and having a chaperone present for their meetings.

The brother allegedly claimed the video “dishonored” the family because his sister presented herself with her soon-to-be husband before the actual wedding — the father was said to have given the brother the okay to beat her.

While trying to escape the attack, Israa reportedly fell from the second-story of their house, which resulted in serious spinal injuries. But Israa’s ordeal did not stop there. While in the hospital the young woman was allegedly assaulted a second-time.

Footage was posted on Twitter of her allegedly screaming and begging for her life as she was attacked.

Israa’s family denies the accusations, claiming she died from a heart attack, the Post reported.

The reaction online to Tlaib included some who called her out for not denouncing the Sharia-based method to enforce sexual morality within the Muslim community.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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