Migrants in raid try to blame ICE for pre-teens being alone 8 days

Democrats in Congress demonize U.S. immigration authorities on a regular basis, comparing agents to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, accusing them of killing children and likening their […]

Public education no longer free, parents getting hit with fees

America’s public education system, which already faces criticism for indoctrinating children in liberalism, globalism, anti-Americanism and more, is now facing accusations that it’s been doling out this veritable […]

Graham on US-China trade war: ‘Until they feel pain, they’re not going to stop’

Jason Hopkins, DCNF South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said Sunday that U.S. consumers would have to be willing to feel some pain in order to make […]

Spicer reacts to growing backlash over his ‘DWTS’ gig

There has been quite a backlash to the announcement that Sean Spicer, the former White House press secretary, will be joining the new season of the reality […]

CNN’s Brian Stelter pushes theory Trump has illness

Chuck Ross, DCNF CNN’s Brian Stelter speculated Sunday on President Donald Trump’s mental health and called for more media coverage of the issue. “So something is wrong,” […]

Absentee Dem Mayor Bill de Blasio has an Italian problem

It would seem that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has an Italian problem. A video going viral captured an irate Italian business owner in the […]

Candidate quadruples down on view town should be as white as possible

A city council candidate in Michigan who made national headlines last week after she declared at a public forum that her town should remain white “as much […]

LA deputy made up sniper fire story that prompted manhunt

A 21-year-old rookie deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has been fired over a “completely fabricated” claim of being shot by a sniper. Sheriff’s Deputy Angel […]

US and Japan agree to new trade deal, whip up global buzz

President Donald Trump announced to reporters on Sunday that the United States and Japan have agreed “in principle” to a new bilateral trade deal. He said he […]

‘Joke’ becomes operative word after Joe Walsh announces primary challenge to Trump

Former Illinois congressman turned anti-Trump zealot Joe Walsh has formally launched a primary challenge against President Donald Trump, not that any Republicans appear to care. In fact, […]

Trump’s ‘second thoughts’ on China ‘greatly misinterpreted,’ says White House

Only days after the media misinterpreted President Donald Trump’s sarcastic joke about being “the chosen one” as a serious remark, the media again misinterpreted the president when […]

Chris Cuomo: ‘The president’s mouth is a threat to this country’

Much like the Russian collusion hoax repeated ad nauseam by the media all throughout President Donald Trump’s first two years in office — until former special counsel Robert […]