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Migrants in raid try to blame ICE for pre-teens being alone 8 days

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Democrats in Congress demonize U.S. immigration authorities on a regular basis, comparing agents to the Gestapo in Nazi Germany, accusing them of killing children and likening their actions to what was seen in concentration camps where millions of Jews were put to death.

The liberal media in this country is only too happy to help perpetuate that image, even though an Antifa “activist” was shot dead in Portland, Ore., back in July while trying to firebomb an ICE detention facility.

So leaving two children, aged 12 and 14, to fend for themselves after the raids earlier this month of a number of poultry plants in Mississippi is easily within their realm, given the extent of their evilness.

Ana, an illegal alien and mother of the two children, told ABC News her children were left alone for eight days, prompting this headline from the network: “Kids left without either parent at home for 8 days after Mississippi ICE raid.”

Ana and her brother Pedro spoke on the condition that only their first names be used “because they are both still shaken from the raids,” ABC News reported. Her brother is claiming that Ana told the authorities at the time of the raid she had two children.

But ICE spokesman Bryan Cox told ABC News the one case he was aware of where both the mother and father were detained for eight days, the woman did not alert the agency that she had children at home.

“Every person who was processed that day was asked explicitly, ‘Do you have any children at home?’” Cox insisted.

Furthermore, when she did tell authorities eight days later that she had children at home, she was soon released.

In effect, it makes no sense that she would have been held from the beginning when countless others with children were allowed to go free on the day of the raids, or that Ana was quickly released after making it clear eight days later that she had children at home.

The Justice Department said in a statement nearly half of those taken into custody — 300 — were released after being asked whether they had children.

Pregnant women were also released, along with those who hadn’t faced immigration proceedings previously.

The release said that “approximately 30 detained aliens were released yesterday on humanitarian grounds at the individual sites where they were initially encountered, and another 270 detained aliens were released after being processed.”

In the article, ABC News called attention to the Trump administration ramping up enforcement within the United States, with a shift in focus on who’s being deported — see enforcing the rule of law.

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan was quoted defending the tactics in play.

“We’ve got to start with our partners in Central America and Mexico. We’ve got to secure the border,” he told NBC News. “But we also have to have interior enforcement to stop this incentive, this work opportunity, that we have in the U.S. that employers are exploiting. And we’ve seen that in this case.”

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