Woman busted for using cop’s badge and gun to gets free snacks makes it about race

A probation officer in Georgia has resigned amid an internal investigation into her friend’s use of a police officer’s badge and gun to get free snacks. Brandi Green, an […]

High school tennis star penalized for faith scores partial victory

A pair of Washington state high school tennis stars who were penalized for their faith have won a victory for religious liberty. Siblings Joseph and Joelle Chung filed a motion this […]

Netflix project ‘Chasing Hillary’ has bevy of alternate title suggestions

Netflix seems to be on a mission lately to alienate conservative subscribers. On top of their producing partnership with the Obamas, the streaming giant is now reportedly […]

Clapper says Comey violated ‘procedures and protocols of FBI,’ then the giant ‘but’

Ever since Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz released his damning report on disgraced former FBI Director James Comey earlier this week, Comey’s faced widespread criticism from […]

911 dispatcher shames terrified woman as she dies in flood: ‘This will teach you’

Police have released a 911 call from an Arkansas woman drowning in her car. What makes the call especially disturbing is the fact that the 911 dispatcher […]

Great plan, Joe! Walsh lies about taped humiliation by Sacha Baron Cohen

GOP presidential candidate Joe Walsh once advocated for arming American school children. Worse, he then turned around and lied about having done so, despite video evidence to […]

Bret Stephens’ bedbug scandal part 2: Where are the editors?

Bret Stephens may have thought he would get the last word on the “bedbug” controversy, but it seems the New York Times columnist just stepped on another […]

Trump forgives personal assistant with a reminder about suing Omarosa and others

President Trump may have no plans to file a lawsuit against his former personal assistant but other “various people” won’t be so lucky. The president alluded to […]

Chris Hayes butchers Electoral College: If it wasn’t in the Constitution, it would be unconstitutional

MSNBC host and alleged “journalist” Chris Hayes appears to believe America’s presidential elections should be run like 4th grade elections for class president … He expressed this […]

‘Zero-carbon’ yacht trip to UN exposed as fraud with problematic plane rides

Greta Thunberg’s trans-Atlantic trip in a “zero-carbon yacht” has gotten climate change activists quite excited. The 16-year-old’s videos from her trip often go viral on social media […]

Molotov cocktail lobbed into Florida immigration office

A woman threw a lit Molotov cocktail into the lobby of a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) office in Oakland Park, Florida, on Friday. No major […]

Sofia Vergara scolded over ‘tone deaf’ photo posts about Hurricane Dorian

After escaping Hurricane Dorian by fleeing to her lavish Caribbean vacation home via a private jet on Friday, model and actress Sofía Vergara of the ABC series […]

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