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Absentee Dem Mayor Bill de Blasio has an Italian problem

(Screenshot from YouTube)

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It would seem that New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has an Italian problem.

A video going viral captured an irate Italian business owner in the city reacting to a thug breaking up his business.

As police detain the man, he revels in the attention, busting out a rap while they put him in handcuffs.

Meanwhile, the business owner puts the blame for the incident on Mayor de Blasio,  who he refers to as “that piece of sh*t!”

But it was the insult directed at the absentee mayor, whose off running for president, said in Italian at the very end of the video, that really hit home.

The business owner angrily denounced the Democratic mayor for defending “these criminal motherf**kers” instead of defending their neighborhoods and businesses.

He brought the person recording him into his restaurant so he can see the damage done by the man who was arrested.

As someone who gets up everyday and goes to work, his frustration with being ignored by politicians is clear to see.

When the person recording him says his videos reach a lot of people and assured the man that de Blasio was watching, the restaurant owner launched into Italian, hitting de Blasio with the ultimate insult.

Looking directly into the camera, he called de Blasio a “cornudo,” which is a fighting word for Italians — his mother was of Italian heritage and he uses her maiden name.

The term essentially means a “cuckold,”  someone who let’s his wife lay with other men, and according to Italians, in the old country, saying this to a married man was a killing insult.

The Urban Dictionary says to avoid using the insult: “You will get a violent response from all but the biggest cowards!”

The other word uttered by the shop owner, “disgraziato,” is equivalent to “wretched.”

But within Italian families, or between Italians in America, it’s more personal, it’s not just a disgrace or useless, it more like, “we disown you” or ” you have dishonored us.”

And to be sure de Blasio didn’t miss the sentiment of his feelings, the business owner concluded with an American classic, a bird and a hearty “F**k you!”

Whether you understand Italina or not, it’s clear by the reaction on social media that the man’s message resonates with folks.

Here’s a sampling of responses from Twitter:

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