Jessica Alba would have to be some kind of drunk to say the OMG things alleged hackers said on her Twitter Saturday night!

Actress Jessica Alba’s Twitter account was reportedly hacked this weekend and some truly disturbing messages were sent out. “Nazi Germany Did Nothing Wrong And That’s On God […]

Dem senator makes big announcement he’ll unfollow Trump on Twitter after Cummings tweets and we can’t stop laughing

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) has announced that he has made the brave decision to unfollow Donald Trump on Twitter following the president’s criticisms of Rep. Elijah Cummings […]

Jake Tapper makes Rashida Tlaib repeat shocking answer on Israel: ‘Yes or no, does Israel have a right to exist?’

Anti-Semitic Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib accidentally let the cat out the bag during an interview Sunday morning on CNN’s “State of the Union.” During the interview she […]

Black rag dolls with instructions to slam against walls yelling ‘I feel good,’ are yanked from stores

Sometimes, racism is overt and self-evident, which is the case for a black rag doll with braided dreadlocks that was found for sale in a New Jersey […]

Woman’s head attached to man’s body ‘like Frankenstein’; raid finds buckets of heads, arms, legs, genitals

The gruesome details included in a recent lawsuit bring to mind what you might expect to see in a “homemade horror movie,” which is how one investigator […]

Stripped beauty queen speaks out: Coming out conservative harder than ‘coming out gay’ these days

Having been thrust into the limelight after her Miss Michigan title was stripped by the Miss World America pageant for posting allegedly racist tweets, Kathy Zhu said that […]

Mulvaney gives pounding right back to Chris Wallace, takes on ridiculous attack on word ‘infestation’

Just like every other liberal Democrat on television, Fox News host Chris Wallace, a registered Democrat, believes that President Donald Trump’s tweets about Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) […]

Nadler says Trump is trying to distract from Mueller hearing, backs resolution over Cummings tweet

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) was on the receiving end of a timely assist with his Sunday appearance on ABC’s “This Week.” Responding to a series of […]

Michelle Obama just had to insert herself into the Trump-Cummings drama

It’s a little disgusting watching leftists use the Trump-Cummings drama as an excuse to promote their own brands, but there doesn’t seem to be any end in […]

Trump sucks Nancy Pelosi into the Cummings fight with 2 direct hits

President Donald Trump took to Twitter Sunday morning to remind the American people that, despite claims otherwise from congressional Democrats and their media allies, facts aren’t racist. […]

5 ways the internet has driven the growth of conspiracy theories

OPINION: BY JOHN HAWKINS In recent years, we’ve seen more conspiracy theories getting traction and they’ve also started to become more mainstream. Maybe they’re not entirely off the […]

‘Everyone: go get your check from Equifax!’ People mad AOC pushed bad advice that cost them money

An attempt by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to put $125 in the American people’s pockets has backfired rather spectacularly and may have instead cost them thousands of […]