Scared female CNN reporter caught in violent chaos as Hong Kong police and protesters clash

A CNN reporter was caught in the midst of a clash between police and protesters this weekend in a Hong Kong subway and her camera crew captured […]

Pelosi can call it ‘stealing military funds’ all she wants, but Border Patrol Chief says Supreme Court ruling is a ‘gamechanger’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi complained on Twitter Friday that the Supreme Court’s latest ruling will hurt the country by allowing the president to “steal military funds” and […]

CNN’s Brian Stelter credits Fox News story for giving them another faux outrage Trump scandal to cover

The vicious anti-Trump echo chamber that is CNN sprang into action after a series of tweets from President Donald Trump denouncing the living conditions in the congressional […]

Trump says consideration is being given to declaring ‘gutless’ Antifa ‘a major Organization of Terror’

President Trump tweeted on Saturday that Antifa is potentially in the process of being classified as a domestic terrorist organization … a long-overdue development. “Consideration is being […]

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It was cool when Bernie Sanders called Baltimore ‘a disgrace,’ worse than N. Korea, but Trump’s a racist

2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), during his prior presidential run in 2016, compared Baltimore to a “Third World country” while touring one of the city’s […]

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‘The Wire’ creator accidentally proves Trump’s tweets about Baltimore crime were right

David Simon, creator of the HBO crime series “The Wire,” accidentally proved that President Trump’s tweets about West Baltimore being dangerous were correct when he said Trump […]

‘It’s Sad’: Giuliani, Pirro mull over Mueller’s ‘possible dementia’ theory

Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s attorney, said Saturday that former special counsel Robert Mueller shouldn’t have been in charge of the Russia investigation. While the former New York City […]

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Trump: AG William Barr will expose the shady origins of sham Russia collusion probe

President Donald Trump has praised U.S. Attorney General William Barr for his ongoing “investigation of the investigators” to probe the shady origins of the failed Trump-Russia probe. To […]

Black journalist shares videos of Cummings’ district to quell feigned media outrage over Trump tweets

The anti-Trump media is responding with its usual collective uproar over the president posting a series of tweets about what a “dangerous & filthy” mess Rep. Elijah […]