Giuliani rips Mueller statement: Regurgitated ‘same old story’ … investigation was a ‘waste of two years’

Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Trump, reacted on Fox News to Robert Mueller’s press conference on Wednesday by saying, Mueller’s Russia probe was a “waste of […]

Canada’s Trudeau makes himself a U.S. laughingstock, says he’ll confront Pence on abortion restrictions

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to be meeting with Vice President Mike Pence and plans to discuss – abortions. Trudeau reportedly wants to confront the […]

Trump’s energy officials stealthily dub natural gas with patriotic name as they ready to export around the world

Unlike cow-fart-hating Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, officials with President Donald Trump’s Department of Energy appear to like themselves some gas, *sniff sniff*. Natural gas, that is. On Tuesday […]

Dershowitz: Mueller made statement to put thumb on the scale…shame on him for abusing his position

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz slammed special counsel Robert Mueller for “exceeding” his role and actually helping Democrats. Reacting to Mueller’s public statement on Wednesday, Dershowitz suggested the […]

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Firestorm over ‘cover-up’ of USS John McCain while POTUS visited Japan: Trump, Meghan & Navy sound off!

The McCain-Trump rivalry continues to fuel controversy. Wednesday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported that the White House was the source of a May 15 email to […]

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld demolishes Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher and other late-night libs in ratings

Though the extreme left would like you to believe that Fox News is a fringe network not in tune with most Americans, the numbers say otherwise. Fox […]

Lou Dobbs, Ed Rollins go off after Mueller fiasco: ‘Where are Republicans? … Missing in action, totally’

While the entire liberal media responded to special counsel Robert Mueller’s explosive statement Wednesday by beating the drums for impeachment, Fox Business Network political commentator Lou Dobbs responded […]

Israel schedules early elections after Netanyahu fails to form coalition government

After Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu missed a midnight deadline to form a coalition government, the country’s parliament voted to hold new elections on September 17. The […]

CNN’s Cuomo gives terrible apology after being blasted for bizarre response to story of armed rape survivor

CNN host Chris Cuomo inspired a lot of criticism on Wednesday for his strange reaction to a video posted by NRA TV about a rape survivor. Kimberly […]

‘Threats of violence’ convince theater to back out of Dean Cain-starring play about Mueller investigation, producers give fiery response

“Threats of violence” have convinced a Washington D.C. theater to back out of hosting the play “FBI: Lovebirds.” The play, which is set to star Dean Cain […]

‘You are disgusting tonight’: Cuomo allows Van Jones to repeat ‘No…No…No…No…’ over conservative guest the entire segment

CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed to lose all control of his panel guests as Van Jones and Steve Cortes erupted in a war of words over the 1989 […]

Sean Hannity taunts Comey over his desperate ‘dumb liar’ op-ed: Full panic mode!

Sean Hannity blasted James Comey’s “love of the spotlight” and his latest opinion piece written in response to President Trump’s claims that officials committed “treason” in the […]