Man sets himself on fire outside of White House, Democrat group has jaw-dropping reaction

If you thought Robert Mueller’s press conference was going to be the wildest news of the day to come out of Washington D.C., you’d be dead wrong. […]

Actor says SNL creator Lorne Michaels pushed him to have sex with director in reverse #MeToo

In an odd #MeToo confession that flips the attached feminist narrative somewhat, actor Chris Kattan claims in his book that producer Lorne Michaels once pressured him to have […]

Newt calls BS on Mueller: Ken Starr used the word ‘guilty’ against Bill Clinton 11 times

Newt Gingrich called out the hysteria of Democrats and slammed a statement from Robert Mueller who wrote a “convoluted” and “complex” report that never concluded that President […]

Nancy’s worst nightmare! Mueller sets Pelosi for up for fight of her life

Democrats are reading into now-former special counsel Robert Mueller’s comments on Wednesday as a call to Congress to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. And Speaker […]

The glaring problem with Mueller’s new statement is it directly contradicts Barr’s previous testimony

Looking at the reactions from the left and right to Robert Mueller’s shocking Wednesday press conference, you would think liberals and conservatives watched two separate statements. One […]

Maxine Waters pushed to madness, calls POTUS a ‘traitor’ and ‘porn star fornicator’ in classless rant

Rep. Maxine Waters attacked President Donald Trump in a series of blistering tweets calling him a “low life” who should go ahead and resign so Democrats ca be […]

Dinesh D’Souza: Accusations that could crush MLK’s reputation are more than just ‘awkward’ for Dems

Conservative commentator Dinesh D’Souza believes that the latest revelations about Martin Luther King Jr. put Democrats in an “awkward” position. The author of “Death of a Nation” contended on […]

President Trump responds to Mueller’s ‘parting’ shots, as sparks fly around the country

Within minutes of now former special counsel Robert Mueller making his first and last public remarks on his two year, $30+ million investigation of Russian collusion, President […]

Hands off! Notre Dame Cathedral restoration OFF LIMITS to multiculturalists, says French Senate

Sorry multiculturalists, but the Notre-Dame de Paris is OFF LIMITS. On Monday the French Senate approved a restoration bill for the Notre Dame Cathedral that included a last-minute clause mandating that […]

Mueller’s explosive statement: A sitting president can’t be charged, but doesn’t mean Trump is not guilty

All eyes were on the Justice Department late Wednesday morning as special counsel Robert Mueller made his first public comments about his probe of President Donald Trump’s […]

Mitch McConnell infuriates Dems, says he’d fill Supreme Court vacancy in 2020: ‘Oh, we’d fill it’

If you think Democratic senators were scandalous during the confirmation process for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, the despicable actions seen then would prove to be but […]

Christopher Steele allegedly refusing to cooperate with Barr-appointed ‘bulldog’ US Attorney

Disgraced former British spy Christopher Steele has allegedly prematurely refused to cooperate with U.S. Attorney John Durham, the “bulldog” prosecutor assigned by Attorney General Bill Barr to […]

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