Man sets himself on fire outside of White House, Democrat group has jaw-dropping reaction

If you thought Robert Mueller’s press conference was going to be the wildest news of the day to come out of Washington D.C., you’d be dead wrong.

Videos of a man on fire outside of the White House have begun going viral and the Secret Service confirmed the strange news through a public statement.

“At approximately 12:20 p.m. a man lit himself on fire on the Ellipse near 15th and Constitution Ave., Secret Service personnel are on scene assisting @NatlParkService and @usparkpolicepio in rendering first aid,” the Secret Service tweeted on Wednesday afternoon.

A graphic video of the man on fire was posted in the early afternoon by Krisjan Berzins, a man who runs a landscaping business out of Alexandria, Virginia. Berzins tweeted the video to Fox News. Be warned: the below footage may be from a distance, but it is extremely graphic and disturbing.

“Video of the person that was literally engulfed in flames on the #WhiteHouse lawn. Unbelievable,” Berzins tweeted with the video.

“According to my daughter…she just saw a person that was on fire running across the White House lawn. Police and rescue have responded. They’re closing all surrounding streets right now. Video to follow… #whitehouse,” Berzins later tweeted about the bizarre event.

More video evidence began trickling out following the event, some showing closer shots of the man.

Other videos were accompanied by statements showing that people were shocked and saddened by what they witnessed.

“The saddest thing I’ve ever seen. A person set themselves on fire in the park at the south lawn of the Whitehouse. Please pray for their soul,” wrote one Twitter user.

Witnesses have confirmed that the man lit himself on fire, but no motive is known at this time. The man’s name has also not been released.

One witness told CNBC that she saw the man running and after he set himself on fire, police responded in seconds and put the flames out.

The White House Ellipse — where the man set himself on fire — is located to the south of the White House and is officially known as the “President’s Park South.” The man was less than a mile from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

The Washington Fire Department confirmed through a public statement that a man with burns was transported to the hospital and they are on the scene assisting law enforcement. The man’s injuries have been described by authorities as “life threatening.”

Though there were a handful of witnesses, no other injuries have been reported. Authorities responded quickly and over 70 police officers swarmed the area not long after the fire was put out.

Some have theorized that the man may have been wearing a protective suit because video shows that he was walking while on fire for some time before he collapsed, but this has not been confirmed in any way.

In a twist that is somehow stranger than a man engulfing himself in flames, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) complained on Twitter about a transgender rally being forced to move their rally, which was supposed to take place where the man set himself on fire. In a tweet, the DCCC said that first amendment rights were being trampled on. The reality is that a man set himself on fire, and that’s why the area was shut down. The tweet does go to show to the knee jerk angry reactions that occur today before people have all the facts. It seems to especially happen on the left.

Check out the weird tweet below:

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