‘Sounds like you don’t care’: Warren gets unexpected push-back on ‘The View’ when she bashes Fox News

Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren received pushback from nearly every host of “The View” Thursday — including notoriously anti-conservative and anti-Christian host Joy Behar — when […]

Meryl Streep stuns with commonsense; slams term ‘toxic masculinity…women can be pretty f-ing toxic too’

Actress Meryl Streep appears to have broken from the liberal Hollywood pack over the term “toxic masculinity.” The Trump-bashing, left-leaning three-time Oscar winner actually made sense when she […]

Buttigieg called out by brother-in-law, claims 2020 candidate lies about his family for sympathy and politics

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is being called out by his brother-in-law for lying about his family history in order to score political points. The husband of the […]

Cher quickly deletes vile tweet about Trump, and what she’d ‘love’ to see happen to him in jail

A shocking tweet posted by the singer known as Cher suggests she thinks it’s OK to wish sexual assault on another human being. Well, so long as that […]

Turns out, journo who claimed USS John McCain was ordered covered by WH has history of dubious reporting

New information about The Wall Street Journal “journalist” Rebecca Ballhaus has sparked further concerns about her now dubious claim that, prior to President Donald Trump’s recent visit to […]

Hannity tells Dems ‘go for it’ on impeachment, wants Mueller ‘under oath’ after resignation theatrics

Sean Hannity ripped into Democrats and challenged them to “go for it” on impeaching President Trump while demanding that Robert Mueller now be called to testify before Congress. […]

‘Too bad!’ CNN’s Toobin has meltdown Mueller won’t testify. But warned, ‘careful what you wish for’

Responding to special counsel Robert Mueller’s declaration Wednesday that he’d prefer to never speak about the Russia probe again, CNN’s legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin basically told him […]

grab from https://www.mediaite.com/trump/trump-walks-back-claim-russia-helped-get-him-elected-no-russia-did-not-help-get-me-elected/
Trump clarifies temporarily deleted tweet Russia ‘helped’ get him elected: ‘No… I got me elected’

An unfortunate turn of a phrase in an early morning tweet by President Trump has some in the media jumping for joy and saying, “He admitted it, […]

Jenna Bush Hager hints at Nirvana song that made her mild-mannered ex-president dad smash her CD

Former President George W. Bush was apparently not a fan of Nirvana. His daughter, Jenna Bush Hager, revealed that an inappropriate song by the band once prompted […]

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‘It is curious’: Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton says it’s time for an investigation of Robert Mueller

We can count Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton among the many who are disappointed with Robert Mueller and suspicious of him. “I don’t know what reputation he had […]

‘Thanks for nothing, Bob’: Geraldo’s fierce defense of Trump over Mueller treatment gets him in trouble with the left

One thing Fox News host Geraldo Rivera has always been is sincere, for better or oftentimes worse. And so when he heard special counsel Robert Mueller’s “sanctimonious […]

Giuliani rips Mueller statement: Regurgitated ‘same old story’ … investigation was a ‘waste of two years’

Rudy Giuliani, personal attorney to President Trump, reacted on Fox News to Robert Mueller’s press conference on Wednesday by saying, Mueller’s Russia probe was a “waste of […]