One Democrat stormed out of House chamber during SOTU

How rude!

It’s what he didn’t say … Trump delivered the first SOTU in 8 years that leaves one thing out

If you need another reminder of why Trump was elected …

Kennedy’s SOTU rebuttal: ‘Build a wall and my generation will tear It down’

‘Build a wall and my generation will tear it down,’” Kennedy said.

Trump’s SOTU ratings are in: Nearly all GOP loved it, Democrats were split, and Independents… ‘whoa’

“Because Americans are dreamers too.”

President Trump delivers biggest mic drop line of the year … the 4 words that will go down in history


Donald Trump trolled Democrats by declaring, ‘We proudly stand for national anthem.’ Watch their reaction

His speechwriters were smart, ingenious even.

MSNBC dumps on Trump’s SOTU: ‘Almost sad obsession with being liked’ – Greta fires back via Twitter

And the insanity wasn’t over yet…

President Trump’s 4-word retort to Democrats who brought DREAMers to SOTU wins best line of night

The Democratic Party attempted to make an in-your-face statement to President Trump at his first State of the Union address by bringing dozens of DREAMers as their guests. […]

‘USA!’ chant breaks out at Trump’s SOTU, while one Democrat storms out of House chamber

President Trump concluded his first State of the Union address in trademark style, prompting a “USA! USA! USA!” chant from the Republican faithful. “Sung ho’s story is […]

Democrats groan loudly at worst possible moment: Trump honors grieving parents whose children died…

At the State of the Union address, President Trump went out of his way to honor parents whose children were killed by MS-13 gang members. The president […]

Melania showed up at SOTU rocking a white outfit – then people spot why it’s a brutal shot at Hillary

Melania Trump showed up at tonight’s State of the Union looking as classy and elegant as usual. The First Lady drew the applause of many in attendance […]

Democrats plan ‘in your face’ for Trump’s SOTU address: At least 30 illegal immigrants expected to attend

As reported earlier, at least 30 illegal immigrants or DREAMers are expected to attention Trump’s first State of the Union address as guests of the Democratic Party. […]