While everyone was watching SOTU, Trump quietly crushed Obama’s dream of closing GITMO

“President Trump has unequivocally agreed that Guantanamo Bay is the best and safest location to house enemy combatants.”

White House director slams MSNBC host to her face: ‘This may be a surprise to you but sometimes your reporting isn’t accurate’

Oh, snap!

Train carrying Republican Congressmen smashes into ‘garbage truck’ on way to retreat

A train on which Republican members of Congress were traveling to a retreat in West Virginia collided with a dump truck on Wednesday. The force of the […]

Chris Matthews: Trump speech not aimed at ‘Hannity’ watchers but ‘Dancing with Stars’ viewers

“I thought it was pretty specially developed to get his numbers up over 40.”

Sarah Sanders gave Nancy Pelosi a bit of stinging advice that’d wipe the grin right off her face


Chuck Todd’s criticism of Donald Trump’s SOTU is making everybody in their right mind do a double take

The Onion?

CNN polled the audience on Trump’s State of the Union and soon came to regret it

The liberal media have egg on their faces …

While everyone was distracted with SOTU, Hillary slips in this message about her treatment of victim staffer

What woman has she ever stood with that’s been assaulted?

Lawmakers wore purple ribbons to the SOTU and surprisingly it had nothing to do with Trump

While Democrats finger-point and virtue-signal, the president proves he’s the adult in the room by taking action on the issues facing America.

Congressional Black Caucus showed true colors when Trump announced low black unemployment at SOTU

As Trump made the statement, the camera immediately zoomed in on the CBC …

In the middle of exit handshaking, Trump drops bombshell on hot mic about FISA memo

Dems have been bracing for this.

Trump breaks nearly all applause records on SOTU addresses . Only one past president beat him.