‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ writer says Trump supporters should have their kids taken away

Even Trump-haters were concerned.

Listen to deafening ‘boos’ when Ravens went from hijacking the anthem to hijacking ‘PRAYER’ instead

“I don’t know anyone who can go to work and protest,” she said prior to the game.

SG Whole Foods
Whole Foods offers this ‘Yummm kippur’ cake for the Jewish holiday; besides its look, there’s a BIG problem!

“But, if I may, a suggestion for the next time to the baker or any other well-intentioned person bent on inclusion – don’t.”

screenshot fat overweight obese barbie sales drop
Pregnant plus-sized woman fired from job after her topless racy photos soar on social media

“Would there be the same response if it was a fat guy?”

SG Sanders
Boom! Sarah Sanders smacks down April Ryan’s NFL ‘racism’ narrative faster than you can say ‘Al Sharpton’

“It’s pretty black and white.”

What Jake Tapper just asked Bernie Sanders to trigger this explosion … ‘Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa’

Talk about stuttering!

SG FEMA Admin Long
FEMA backs up POTUS on petulant San Juan mayor, and she’s even worse than Trump described

In effect, she is opting not to be part of the “unified command effort.”

SNL pounds social justice warriors with HILARIOUS ad for new ‘woke’ jeans; wait until you see the zipper!

“#SNL got me crying woke the jeans., the zipper.. “

SG San Juan Mayor
Is controversial San Juan mayor cranking out custom t-shirts by candlelight?

” Instead of thinking up political photo ops BE A MAYOR!”

cop hater professor Michael Isaacson fetish
Cop-hating Antifa professor exposed as a ‘pansexual’ with fetish for sadomasochism and bondage

… turned on by waterboarding, choking, smothering …

SG Geraldo-San Juan
Geraldo Rivera calls BS on San Juan mayor’s false Trump blame: ‘I’m here. Who is dying?’

You called down the thunder. Well, now you’ve got it!

Media finally covers black church shooter, but first they crafted a twisted narrative

But the most outrageous angle on the story came from Newsweek.