Whole Foods offers this ‘Yummm kippur’ cake for the Jewish holiday; besides its look, there’s a BIG problem!

A Whole Foods store in Rockville, Maryland, was selling a sheet cake decorated to celebrate Yom Kippur.

…the only problem being that Yom Kippur is a time for repentance, and is observed by FASTING for a little more than 24 hours.

All of which begs the question: What’s up?

“The cake features an assortment of Jewish symbols, none of which are actually related to Yom Kippur, including pomegranates, apples and honey (which are linked to Rosh Hashanah), a bee, menorah, fish, and the Star of David,” Fox News reported.

In a piece published in the American Jewish publication The Forward, Jen Simon saw the cake as the best of intentions gone awry.

“I’m sure the baker had good intentions,” Simon wrote. “They were probably trying to help their customers celebrate what they knew was an important holiday.

“But, if I may, a suggestion for the next time to the baker or any other well-intentioned person bent on inclusion – don’t.”

A spokesperson for Whole Foods said the “cake was intended as dessert for the breaking of the fast dinner and a customer purchased it yesterday afternoon for that purpose,” Huffington Post reported.

The reaction on social media included this delicious entry!

As for intentions, here’s a sampling of other well meaning responses from Twitter:

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