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FEMA backs up POTUS on petulant San Juan mayor, and she’s even worse than Trump described

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The more light shed on the politically motivated criticism from San Juan Mayor Carmin Yulin Cruz, the more her complaints appear to be much ado about nothing.

Fellow mayors have said Cruz has not been attending meetings with federal agencies, to include FEMA and the head of the agency has more or less confirmed as much.

To be fair, making custom T-shirts by candlelight can be a time consuming process.

FEMA Administrator Brock Long appeared on CNN Saturday to say  the mayor has not been been working with federal officials responding to the crisis as sufficiently as she could be.

In effect, she is opting not to be part of the “unified command effort.”

“The problem that we have with the mayor unfortunately is that unity of command is ultimately what’s needed to be successful in this response,” Long said.

“The bottom line is we’ve had a joint field office established for numerous days in San Juan,” he continued. “And what we need is for the mayor, the good mayor, to make her way to the joint field office and get plugged into what’s going on and be successful, so I think that’s the bottom line with that tweet.”

Mayor Cruz hasn’t even been to the recovery effort field office and the anti-Trump media flocks to her like moths to a flame?

Trump has been very vocal in responding to Cruz’s criticism online — which has been grossly mischaracterized by the left — and the president echoed the “unity” theme in a tweet Saturday night:


More insight from Long on the focus of helping Puerto Rico can be seen below:


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