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SNL pounds social justice warriors with HILARIOUS ad for new ‘woke’ jeans; wait until you see the zipper!

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When Saturday Night Live steps back from its incessant bashing of the president it can actually still provide crumbs of humor.

Perhaps its most hilarious skit on Saturday’s season premiere episode was a satire of a new clothing item for social justice warriors, a core component of the SNL audience.

The sketch comedy show ran a faux ad for a new brand of jeans called Levi’s Woke, and social media loved it.


“Introducing Levi’s Woke. Sizeless, style-neutral, gender non-conforming denim for a generation who defies labels,” the narrator said. “Levi’s heard that if you are not woke, it’s bad.”

The parody went on to destroy the ridiculousness of the social justice generation with the ad.

“Defining someone by their style? That’s offensive,” new cast member Chris Redd declared.

“That’s why Levi Wokes have no style,” Davidson explained.

The jeans have no pockets because “who says I have hands?,” a non-existent color called “greb” that are “not brown, but they ‘re not, not brown,” and are sizeless as “they fit everybody because they fit nobody.” Of course, they only come in “person” rather than men and women.

But the most hilarious feature of the jeans is the 180 degree uni-fly that unzips from the front to the back because “my jeans let me decide how I go to the bathroom.”

“Are my Wokes made in some factory by Indonesian kids?” Day asked.

“Nah they are made right here in the USA,” Davison said, “By white kids,” Jones added.

[wpvideo e1U3jydu]

Judging by social media, it was the show’s greatest skit of the night.

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Carmine Sabia


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