Police shoot armed black woman; readers demand paper change headline to a racist anti-cop version

If she were white, every head would read PREGNANT WOMAN MURDERED BY COPS.

US shoots down Syrian government fighter jet in ‘show of force’

The U.S. used the established “de-confliction ” to notify Russia after the Syrian jets attacked.

SG Illegal Immigrants
The one lawsuit against Trump that liberals wish would go away

That’s not going to go over well on the left.

Redskins celebrate! SCOTUS rules government can’t deny ‘offensive’ trademarks because bully libs say so

Govt can’t deny full trademark protection to allegedly racially offensive marks.

CBS News asks an unforgivable question about Scalise shooting: ‘Walter Cronkite must be rolling in his grave’

He said this as if it were normal!

AP Trump Dreamers
NY Times columnist says deport lazy (white?) Americans instead if illegal immigrants

“Americans who don’t get it should get out.”

SG Hillary Clinton
Lingerex: New ‘sponsor’ on FOX offers new drug for Hillary Clinton

“She’s like ringworm!”

SG Bittel
White Fla Dem Party chair regrets these 6 words: ‘They’re like children, these black lawmakers’

“I was trying to protect you, tell him members were going to be upset. And he has the audacity of calling me a black child.”

‘You’ve never been to jail, have you?’ Mark Wahlberg reluctantly gives new ‘Spiderman’ hilarious advice

But on advice to Holland he was much reserved, and hilarious.

SG Fox&Friends
‘Fox & Friends’ Brian Kilmeade says stop rushing stage of anti-Trump play or we’re no better than them

“it’snot up to us.”

sg alyssa milano broke bankrupt sues business manager foreclose didnt pay taxes
Anti-Trumper Alyssa Milano is broke as a joke, didn’t pay taxes and stiffed her employees

Alyssa told fans that impeaching Trump is up to women, so they must continue to protest and obstruct him.

College student launches ‘F**k Trump’ lipstick to ‘fight the patriarchy,’ but fellow women aren’t buying it

We don’t want or need any help from a feminist.