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CBS News asks an unforgivable question about Scalise shooting: ‘Walter Cronkite must be rolling in his grave’

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Last week, newsman Scott Pelley ended his next-to-the-last day as the CBS “Evening News” anchor with a new low in his analysis of the targeted shooting of Republican lawmakers in Alexandria, Virginia.

He wondered if the gunshot injuries sustained by Rep. Steve Scalise and four others were “foreseeable, predictable and, to some degree, self-inflicted.”

“Self-inflicted”? It’s forgivable — and even OK at times — to ask stupid questions. But it’s clear from his subsequent commentary that his answer was even dumber — it was “yes,” and it could all be traced to political rhetoric — primarily from the right.

Were people upset? No, they were incensed.

And how about Democratic victims of violence? Were their wounds “to some degree self-inflicted” also? Of course not.

Here’s Pelley’s full commentary.

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