Watch: NBC uses a group of school children to make a video trashing Trump


Women’s NBA star says players are brutally bullied for NOT being gay; toxic culture broke her spirit

Our value is diminished.

‘Fox & Friends’ marvels over NBC’s report that Trump ‘won’t be shortest-serving US president’

The “Fox & Friends” morning crew marveled over this crack reporting . . .

Restaurant is getting attacked for firing employees who skipped work for ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest

Nobno show, no call policy.

‘Fat-shaming’ controversy: Veteran newspaper columnist fired for article on the size of people

“Not only did this offend many of our readers, it offended us.”

Hiring surge! DHS rolls out Trump-ordered changes – here’s a peek at the ‘sprawling set of initiatives’

More on the “sprawling set of initiatives” included in the memo:

One state’s plans to quadruple gun renewal fees is causing a huge uproar, GOP lawmakers vow to fight

This drastic increase will only serve to deter people from registering their weapons.

high 5
‘High-5 Friday’ canceled because ‘kids of color, undocumented kids’ may feel uncomfortable with police

This is so very wrong.

Veterans have a real problem with the new term used to describe election-depressed liberals

You can’t blame them for being upset.

Angry moms speak out over middle school’s teaching of Islam in ‘core curriculum’: Smeared as bigots

Two New Jersey moms are furious that their children are being brainwashed by being forced to take lessons in Islam. Libby Hilsenrath and Nancy Gayer say it’s […]

Thank goodness Hillary was around to tell Trump to speak out against anti-Semitic attacks

Not a dollar short, certainly, but a day late… The day AFTER President Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, took to social media to denounce threats against Jewish Community […]

Perez Hilton on the losing end of a Jesse Watters interview vows ‘next time I will be more prepared!’

Jesse Watters faces off with Perez Hilton, who vows ‘next time I will be more prepared!’

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