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Watch: NBC uses a group of school children to make a video trashing Trump

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If you ask NBC News, it seems American schoolchildren do not like President Donald Trump.

In two videos released by the network, students deliver their “hopes and fears” to the new president in predominantly negative comments.

“Just because I’m Mexican doesn’t mean you can build a wall in my country,” a young girl said in “Dear Mr. President: Letters from the American Children.”

“Not letting immigrants into America is really not nice, so please let them in,” another young boy said.

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“When you speak on things that make me feel uncomfortable or I disagree with, you make me feel small because I know I can’t change it,” another girl shares.

The very selective editing of the NBC videos presents many more critical comments by the students that leave viewers wondering if the children really came to their conclusions on their own.

“You have banned an entire group of people from coming into the United States,” and older student read. “But now who will build this country up from the rubble you will put it under?”

“I want you to know I don’t like your definition of ‘American’ because I don’t seem to fit within it,” said one older boy.

“Most of my family is black. I’m afraid that you’re going to hurt some of us blacks,” one boy said, staring straight ahead and reciting his words.

And while one video begins with a student expressing his excitement for a “political outsider that can solve the disconnect between the American citizens and the legislators in Washington,” many other views were negatively centered on the very grown-up subjects of racism, immigration and the border wall, among others.

“I think that on the inside you are a good man,” one young boy read from his letter. “That’s not what my friends think.”

Twitter users blasted NBC for what they saw as blatant propaganda and an exploitation of children.

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