Perez Hilton on the losing end of a Jesse Watters interview vows ‘next time I will be more prepared!’

In a segment on Hollywood “freaking out over the Donald Trump presidency,” Fox News’ Jesse Watters took on celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton — dare we say mano a mano? —  and made child’s play of the encounter.

Pointing to a New York Times reporter allegedly calling first lady Melania Trump a “hooker,” Watters confronted Hilton about why he didn’t cover the story.

Hilton insisted that he did cover the story and attempted to prove it by pulling up a link from his website on camera — to hilarious results!

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Hilton seemed to acknowledge that Watters got the best of him while promoting the interview on his website.

“If you missed it, my shiteous interview with Fox News is HERE!” he wrote.

“P.S. Next time I agree to be on that network, I need to research who the host is. I had never seen this dude on TV before and had no idea what he’s all about. Next time I will be more prepared!”

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Tom Tillison


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