Here’s how Border Agents decide on which migrants get released into the US

Border Patrol agents fill out a checklist to decide which migrants are released into America, according to an internal U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) memo and […]

Marjorie Taylor Greene shows photos of ‘left-wing’ protesters who ‘invaded’ Congressional building during hearing

Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia announced that left-wing protesters had occupied the Cannon House Office Building’s rotunda during a hearing Tuesday and pulled out photos […]

State regulator blames Biden’s ‘Green New Deal’ for massive hike to energy bills

Electric utility company Georgia Power customers’ electric bills will substantially increase beginning in June, due in part to the Green New Deal policies promoted by President Joe […]

‘Didn’t expect any of these issues’: Man travels to iconic Dem city, gets stabbed in two hours

An East Coast attorney visiting Seattle on business said he was surprised by the city’s rampant crime and homelessness after he was stabbed in an attempted mugging […]

Biden-appointed US Attorney to resign amid ethics probe into Dem connections, lawyer says

A Biden-appointed US attorney for Massachusetts is expected to resign following a lengthy ethics probe conducted by the Department of Justice (DOJ) inspector general regarding her political […]

‘It’s like twice a week now’: Homeless people keep pooping in elevators at upscale San Francisco mall

The homeless are using a major San Francisco mall elevator as a bathroom as dozens of retailers pull out of the city amid crime concerns, according to […]

DeSantis sends Florida law enforcement authorities to Texas border

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will send state law enforcement authorities to the Texas border with Mexico, according to a Tuesday statement from the governor’s office. DeSantis […]

Obama praises Australia for confiscating citizens’ guns

Former President Barack Obama praised Australia’s gun confiscation following a mass shooting during an interview that aired Tuesday morning. “We are unique among advanced, developed nations in […]

Biden admin colluded with leftist dark money giant on ‘transforming food system’, emails allegedly show

The Biden administration allegedly collaborated with a massive dark money network on key agriculture policy issues in order to transform the United States food system in what […]

‘Took them long enough’: Catherine Herridge highlights damning Hillary section in Durham report

The long-awaited Durham Report confirmed suspicions held by many conservatives and Republicans, but one finding may prove just how low some people will go to win. CBS’s […]

‘Amazing moment in Twitter history’: Musk gets pushback from high places for declaring Soros ‘hates humanity’

Elon Musk must not have gotten the memo that any criticism of left-wing moneyman George Soros is automatically deemed antisemitism — Soros and his family, who are […]

Financial tycoon vows to pull massive business from Chicago over new mayor’s proposed taxes

Proving that things can always get worse, Chicago’s new we Mayor Brandon Johnson was just sworn in and has vowed to implement socialist tax the rich and […]

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