Biden thinks Americans must ‘judge a book by its cover,’ Tucker Carlson says

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted President Joe Biden Friday, saying Biden believes Americans must “judge a bo by its cover” while commenting on a new push […]

Unearthed emails show Rachel Levine discussing ‘potential revenue’ from child sex change procedures

Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine discussed revenue opportunities resulting from hiring a gender clinic social worker while Levine was serving as Pennsylvania’s acting secretary of health, […]

‘It smelled so bad’: Store owner describes fallout from toxic train derailment

The owner of a store in East Palestine, Ohio, described pungent odors in the area near the site where a train carrying toxic chemicals derailed during a […]

‘God is not dead:’ Student-led Christian revival on campus is attracting thousands

Gabrielle M. Etzel, Campus Reform A student-ledrevivalat Asbury University continues to attract thousands of students across the globe and spark similar events at other universities. The revival […]

Ohio sets up health clinic to address town medical needs after toxic train derailment

The Ohio Department of Health will open a clinic in East Palestine to respond to medical concerns residents are reporting after a train derailment cast a toxic […]

Fox News guest suggests imposing term limits on politicians over 75

Vivek Ramaswamy, the executive manager of Strive Asset Management, called for term limits on government bureaucrats during a Friday Fox News appearance, calling out a proposal by […]

Elite university prepares to open center dedicated to free speech

The University of Chicago (UC) appears to be gearing up to launch a center dedicated to freedom of expression, a listing on a university job board shows. […]

Hot mic catches ‘journoactivist’ saying her job is to make Gov DeSantis ‘uncomfortable’

First Coast News reporter Atyia Collins, who is a local reporter in Florida, got caught on a hot mic claiming that her job is to make Gov. […]

Chicago dad who opposed pornographic books in schools finds himself on flight watchlist amid airport nightmare

A Chicago father discovered the hard way that he could no longer board a plane without having to endure substantially increased screening after he joined several parents […]

Guilfoyle defends conservative roots, says ‘unrecognizable’ ex-hubby Newsom is the one who ‘fell prey’ to radical left

Conservative Kimberly Guilfoyle to a backhanded smack at her former husband, California Governor Gavin Newsom after he claimed that she “fell prey” to the culture at Fox […]

Reporter brings receipts when Lightfoot deflects homeless problem on Tucker Carlson: ‘Want to see pictures?’

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) was questioned by a reporter about the homeless sleeping at Chicago’ O’Hare International Airport and found herself in the hot seat when […]

Dems changed the rulebook for Congressional oversight. Now, Republicans must use it against them

During the previous Congress, the Democrat-controlled January 6 Select Committee ended decades of precedent and changed the rules when it comes to congressional oversight. Unfortunately for the […]

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