Montana Gov tells Tucker Carlson he wasn’t briefed on spy balloon until it was ‘hundreds of miles’ into his state

Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte of Montana said Friday he was not briefed on a Chinese spy balloon until it was well into his state. “Well, when I […]

Pentagon confirms reports of second Chinese spy balloon

The Department of Defense acknowledged a second Chinese surveillance craft transiting airspace somewhere over Latin America late Friday. The second balloon’s flight path does not appear to […]

Trump reveals what a ‘reformed FBI and Justice Department’ would do if he wins in 2024

Former President Donald Trump said Friday that if he returned to the White House, a “reformed FBI and Justice Department” would be “hunting down Chinese spies,” not […]

Former Afghan ambassador to attend State of the Union Address, discuss ‘dire’ effects of Biden’s withdrawal

Roya Rahmani, former Afghanistan Ambassador to the U.S., was invited to attend the State of the Union Address on Tuesday to draw attention to Biden’s withdrawal of […]

Montanans asked if they could ‘take a shot’ at Chinese spy balloon, Steve Daines says

Republican Sen. Steve Daines of Montana said Friday that Montanans asked his office if they could “take a shot” at a Chinese spy balloon over the state. […]

Blank shots fired in San Francisco Jewish center by man claiming to be member of Israeli secret police

Shots were fired inside a Russian Jewish center Wednesday by a man who identified himself only as a member of the Israeli secret police called the “Mossad.” […]

Georgia university receives thousands of dollars to advance ‘equity’ in the sciences

Georgia Lucas, Campus Reform Georgia Southern University’s (GSU) College of Science and Mathematics is using a grant of $493,065 to advance diversity, equity and inclusion, according to […]

Japan is pressuring U.S. scholars to rewrite history

Shelby Kearns, Campus Reform TheInternational Review of Law and Economics(IRLE) finally published a controversial article by J. Mark Ramseyer after his research received accusations of foreign influence, […]

House Republicans are making it impossible for Biden to hide his border failures

House Republicans, in the majority for the first time since Joe Biden was inaugurated, have wasted no time in launching much-needed oversight of the Biden administration’s failure […]

DeSantis admin moves to revoke liquor license of venue which allowed kids to see ‘sexual’ drag show

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration moved to reve an Orlando venue’s liquor license after it allowed minors to attend a “sexual” drag performance, according to a […]

‘This is really egregious’: Former Trump nat sec official slams Biden admin’s inaction on Chinese spy balloon

A former national security official in the Trump administration blasted President Joe Biden Friday over inaction as a Chinese spy balloon drifted across the United States. “When […]

Economists tout $1T platinum coin to solve massive $31T debt, Yellen calls it a ‘gimmick’

Economists are resurrecting the idea of a $1 trillion platinum coin as we approach the debt ceiling in an effort to keep money flowing, but Treasury Secretary […]

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