Family rips Biden’s ‘total disregard’ for Marine’s death in ‘shallow’ meeting with pregnant widow

Joe Biden’s brief, private meeting with the widow of a fallen Marine on Sunday reportedly turned out to be a disrespectful, disappointing fiasco characterized as “scripted and […]

Candace Owens mocks ‘leftist loser’ who implies she has Covid-19: ‘Nobody dweebs quite like the Left’

Conservative firebrand and political commentator Candace Owens called out “leftist losers” for starting a conspiracy theory that she had contracted COVID when, in fact, she was on […]

Rogan on upcoming NYC performance: No forced vaccinations to see a ‘stupid f**king comedy show’

Influential podcaster Joe Rogan says that all sales are not final for his upcoming New York City stand-up performance. Rogan was apparently reacting to the decision by […]

Study likens Covid illness to rattlesnake bites in better understanding of cause of death

A new study has been released that compares COVID-19 to rattlesnake bites, of all things. The similarity is not in the delivery mechanism (a painful bite from […]

Blinken was vacationing in Hamptons as Kabul fell to routing Taliban

A new report claims that several key White House officials including President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken were out of pocket when Afghanistan’s capital […]

NFL star Aaron Rodgers refuses to vaccine-shame his teammates: ‘A personal decision’

Aaron Rodgers is apparently pro-choice when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine. Although he says he has received the double jab, the Green Bay Packers superstar quarterback […]

Alleged hot mic footage of Pelosi saying ‘we don’t want’ Biden to talk draws scrutiny

Actor James Woods tweeted out a clip of President Biden as he was cut off during a virtual feed in March by Nancy Pelosi as she allegedly […]

Gold Star father tells Biden to stop blaming Trump for Kabul attacks: ‘You are culpable’

A Gold Star father is speaking out against President Joe Biden following Thursday’s deadly attack in Kabul that killed more than a dozen U.S. servicemen and servicewomen, […]

Hollywood hopes to ride to Gov. Newsom’s rescue in recall with the power of the purse

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is currently facing a tough recall battle, but he has the support and mobilization of the Democratic Party’s old faithful: Hollywood. Tinseltown has […]

CJ Pearson brilliantly dismantles MSNBC liberal: ‘Think you get to tell black people what to do?’

Political activist CJ Pearson, 18, appeared on Newsmax with host Benny Johnson to discuss his epic smackdown of a liberal panelist on MSNBC in a contentious back […]

Biden’s Afghanistan debacle turns Osama bin Laden’s words into prophecy

Parts of an old letter from Osama bin Laden, mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, are beginning to look uncomfortably accurate in the wake of President Joe […]

Jason Whitlock: ‘Taliban-Alphabet Mafia’ sports media targeted now canceled ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols

Despite her progressive bona fides, ESPN host Rachel Nichols was targeted by the sports media’s metaphorical version of the Taliban, the “BLM-LBTQ+ alphabet mafia,” for criticizing diversity […]

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